The Xroadie Files

Caveman Cult- Blood and Extinction

R, Smith- Drums, H. Bosch- Guitar, A. Antillion- Bass/Vocals


Blood And Extinction crushing riffs thundering rhythms that just annihilate your very being. Eternal Warfare pulls you into dark despair and madness. Conquistador de hierro the pits of hell open demons pour forth and devour all. Violencia arraigada thundering rhythms violent riffs with demonic vocals. Plunder And Bondage lost in the depths of maniacal music. Putrid Earth crushing riffs pounding drums thundering bass with dark vocals. Instrumento de ira just pummels you into small pieces. Cannibal Feast rips tears and shreds you till death. Bestial Carnage fast hard heavy demonic metal music.



Knivad- Insidans Arrvavnad

Fredrik – Bass, Jonas – Guitars, Manne – Vocals, Agge - Drums


Advelning 369 hit the pit slam sweat and thrash till death. Deras Hat dark and eerie just envelops your spirit as it pummels you. Haktad (Shriv Att Jag Ar Skyldig) slow slithering death that just pulls you in. Somnlosa Natter fats hard punkish death metal madness. Dricka For Att Glomma crushing riffs eerie tone that just drag you into hell. Jag Blev Ingenting hit the pit and slam till exhaustion. Ett Overgrepp just pummels your very insides till they split open. Forbrukad slowly drags you into mayhem and madness. Talet thundering bass pounding drums crunchy riffs and dark vocals. Jorden Satt I Brand has the entire crowd at each others throat.




Joe Syverson – Guitars/Vocals, Erik Cargill – Bass, Colin English – Drums/Synths


Shoot the Ground interesting vocals crunchy riffs and pounding rhythms. All Around You will have the crowd on its feet fist pumping and chanting. I’d Be Broke low bass steady drums with melodic vocals and crunchy guitar riffs. Now You See It stand clap foot tap and just rock n roll all nite. Into the Ground chugging guitars pounding drums thumping bass with excellent vocals. Upended fats hard heavy with a punkish feel. Out of the Ground sway groove and sing. Head First a catchy tune that just sticks in your head. Bash Machine sway groove and take a trip back in time.



Reaper’s Revenge- Versus

Hermann Weib- Guitar, Christopher Knauer- Guitar, Christian Bosl- Vocals, Christian Oppel- Bass, Thomas Seiferlein- Drums


To Whom Evils Sacrifice fist pumping head banging chant along metal magic. Changing World will have the entire crowd on its feet just rocking out. Warheads pounding drums thundering bass crunchy riffs and soaring vocals. Suicidal Genocide fist pumping foot stomping metal that just takes you away with many memories. My Fading Silence close your eyes and take one amazing metal musical journey in your imagination. Phlegmatrix thundering drums thumping bass chugging guitars with amazing vocals hard fast and heavy. Scary Neighbourhood grab your air guitars and riff as the music just envelops your soul. Arctic Winter Green catchy crunchy riffs thundering rhythms with amazing vocals. Images Untangled fist pumping head banging vocal soaring metal magic. Gapminder powerful majestic metal music that just envelops your senses.




Alice Albertazzi – Vocals/Guitar/Percussion, Gianfranco Romanelli- Dobro/Guitar


Forse Non Sei Tu close your eyes and drift away on a could of melodic memories, Vorrei Incontrarti lost in the depths of your imagination.