The Xroadie Files


Ryan Chandler- Vocals/Bass, Zack Trowbridge- Guitar, Josh Woodhouse – Drums/Percussion


Satellite Ritual take a trip back in time to the psychedelic 70s and just enjoy the ride. Moon Baron a catchy groove great vocals with memorable music. Just A Feeling just floating on a melodic cloud of emotions. Graveyard Grove stand groove sway and just let the music envelop your senses. Everything In Sight lost in sights sounds and memories. Pheremone has a steady beat psychedelic guitars searing leads with thumping bass. Water Moccasin crunchy guitars surf rock style with pounding drums and thumping bass. Valley Of Madness lost in the depths of your imagination.



Carmine Appice & Fernando Perdomo Project- Energy Overload

Carmine Appice- Drums/Percussion, Fernando Perdomo- Guitar/Bass, Derek Sherinian- Keyboards


Blow Speaker Boogie pounding drums shredding guitars with screaming leads. Funky Jackson stand sway groove and just let the music envelop your very being. Energy Overload will have you on your feet movin and groovin. Flower Child close your eyes and drift away in your dreams. Rocket To The Sun just floating on a cloud of amazing melodies and searing leads. Pure Ecstasy has a very catchy rhythm that just pulls you in with some amazing musicianship. The Triumph pounding drums thumping bass screaming guitars just hang on for a wild ride. Maybe I’m Amazed an amazing instrumental of this classic tune with leads that send shivers down your spine. Little Havana, Big Havana a catchy funky tune with great grooves. Da Ya Think I’m Sexy? Just close your eyes and drift along in your imagination. Starstream thumping bass pounding drums with shredding guitars. Thunder lost in your imagination. Reprise just let the music envelop you.



Shadecrown - Solitarian

Jari Hokka – Vocals, Joonas Vesamäki – Guitar, Tomi Tikka – Guitar, Saku Tammelin – Keyboards, Janne Salmelin - Bass & clean vocals, Kalle Varonen - Drums


The Awakening crushing riffs thundering rhythms with gruff vocals. Dark Heart Replica heavy majestic metal with dark vocals. Momentary Trails sway groove and just let the music envelop you spirit. Slivers hit the pit slam sweat thrash and tear it up. The Loss lost in the depths of dark dreams. Aeon's Still just pulls you into darkness. Crestfallen slowly envelops you with different tempo changes. Solitarian fist pump head bang and chant.



The Fifth- St

Roy Cathey- Vocals, Justin Womble- Guitar, Jake Tripp- Bass, Gary “Zeus” Smith- Drums


Shake Little Sister will have you in your feet chanting fist pumping and rocking out. Calm Before The Storm thumping bass pounding drums soaring vocals with crunchy riffs. Home close your eyes and let the emotions just send shivers down your spine. Coming To Get You heavy grooves crunchy riffs pounding drums thundering bass with amazing vocals. Roll the Bones is a very tune that just pulls you in and wont let go.



Brackish Tide- Shallow Grave

Goat – Vocals, EARS – Guitars/Vocals, DD – Bass/Vocals, Murdock – Guitar, Tim 6 – Drums


Shallow Gave fist pumping riffs pounding rhythms with gruff vocals. Angel No More sway groove and just let the music envelop your senses. Hold On close your eyes and just drift in your imagination.