The Xroadie Files

Toothdrinker- Last Escape

CAST- Jill/ Elly Lock Nemesis/ Kyle McNeill Carlos / Helgi Jónsson Nikolai / Kjetil Walseth Virus / Jay White Brad / Sam Khaneka Dario / Alex Mullings, MUSICIANS- Guitar - Kyle McNeill / Blev P / Tim Shaw, Sam Khaneka- Everything Else


Act I - Welcome To Raccoon City the music slowly builds as the amazing vocals just pull you in with a catchy rhythm. Valentine’s Day sway groove and just enjoy the musical journey and powerful vocal. One-Horse Town stand clap fist pump and just rock out. Three Goddesses drifting on a cloud of melodic memories. B.O.W. Down fast rhythms great riffs soaring vocals and scorching guitars. An Expression of Concern close your eyes and drift in your dreams. Act II - Reach For The S.T.A.R.S. flowing e with the emotions of the tune. Born To Waste chugging riffs pounding drums thumping bass with amazing vocals. Digging Your Own Grave fist pumping head banging metal magic. Under My Skin amazing guitars soulful vocals with a steady rhythm. It’s In Your Blood stand sway and just let the music envelop your senses.




Garrett Zanol – Vocals/Guitar, Ian Nelson – Bass, Chase Howard - Drums


Graveyard slow grinding psychedelic music that just takes you back in time to the late 60s and groove along. Faded Black floating along in time space and different dimensions of musical information. Eagle 20’s close your eyes and drift along as the music envelops your very soul. Bean King crunchy riffs pounding drums thumping bass with great vocals. Death is a very catchy tune that just takes you into your imagination. Coyote is a crunchy catchy tune that just has you drifting along. Settle Me slow emotional psychedelic doom metal music.



Joy/Disaster – From Stars To Angels

JOY/DISASTER – Vocals, Simon – Guitar, Soupa – Bass, Niko – Drums


Memories soft melodies just envelop your very spirit. Blind is a catchy tune that sticks in your head for days. Breathe sway groove and just let the music take you away. Certainties strumming guitars and melodic vocals. Somewhere clap foot tap and sing along. Close crunchy riffs steady beats and interesting vocals. Trust clap dance and enjoy the musical melodies. Nature drifting on a cloud of memories. Shine soft rhythms just envelop you. Hope take a trip back to the MTV of the 90s. Alloy a punkish rockabilly tune. Moment catchy riffs and memorable melodies. Face Off a catchy tune that just pulls you in. Broken lost in your emotions.



Muddibrooke- Lunacy

Brooke Harriet McDonnell- Vocals/Guitar, Anna Melidone- Bass, Mary Prince- Drums


Devil slow rhythms soulful vocals and steady beats. Liverpool Guy crunchy riffs thumping bass pounding drums and excellent vocals. Straight Jacket is a slow bluest influenced number that will have you singing along. Turn To Dust strumming guitars and emotional vocals with searing leads..Fake It will just envelop you as the emotional music pulls you into your imagination.



Yanomamo/ Slomatics- Split

Yanomamo- Clarence Albatross- Bass, Jack Thomas- Drums, Jason Higson- Guitar, Scott Tabone- Vocals


Dig Two Graves gruff dark vocals with crushing riffs and slow pounding rhythms.


Slomatics- David guitar, Chris- Guitar, Marty- Drums/Vocals


Griefhound slow dark heavy music that just slithers all around as it devours your soul.