The Xroadie Files

Land Mammal – Slow Your Mind

Kinsley August- Vocals, Will Weise- Guitar/Sitar, Toby Wilson – Mandolin/Dobro, Isaiah Mitchell – Guitar, Keysboards- Jake Dexter/True Turner/Adam Pickrell, Drums, Taylor Young, Strings- Maria Grigoryeva, Bass-Uriah Stake


Psychedelic Hand kick back close your eyes and just trip back in time to the amazing music of the late 60s early 70s. Ring The Bell sway groove and just let the music and emotional vocals envelop your spirit. Fuzzy Purple Jacket bluesy psychedelic music and soulful vocals that just send shivers down your spine. One Woman to Love strumming guitars steady rhythms with sing along vocals. Grow slow bluesy emotional music with great vocals. Slow Your Mind close your eyes and just drift in your imagination. Right From The Start stand clap foot tap and groove. Full Ascension lost in time space and your memories. Sing Me a Song just floating on an emotional cloud of melodies. Better Days (Acoustic) sitting with friends strumming guitar and singing.



Ground Force- Tree of Life

Ehsan Rahman Zia- Vocals, Sazzad Arefeen- Guitar, Syed Ziaur Rahman Turjo- Drums, B.Ahmed Rahi- Bass, Rifat Rahman- Guitar


Volume 1- Tree Of Life chugging riffs strong vocals with heavy rhythms. Song Of Earth slow powerful majestic metal magic. Spear Of Light stand as one fist pump and chant along. Forever Gone sway drift and let the emotions envelop your very soul. The Watchers is a bluesy tune that just pulls you in. The Great Flood let the music take you away into your imagination with some amazing musicianship and great vocals. The Archangel fist pumping head banging metal magic.


Volume 2- JibonBrikkho fist pumping head banging chant along metal music. Prithibir Gaen lighters held high as the crows sways and sings along. Shottojoddhya fist pumping foot stomping head banging music. Forever Gone (Instrumental) close your eyes and dream the day away. Rokkhok pounding drums thumping bass crunchy guitars and powerful vocals. Mohaplabon majestic metal just pulls you in as the lead guitar sends shivers down your spine. Azreal chugging riffs solid rhythms with amazing musicianship.


Volume 3- – Tree Of Life (Instrumental) just let the majestic music envelop your very spirit. Song OF Earth (Instrumental) slow emotional music that pulls you into your dreams. Spear Of Light (Instrumental) fist pumping head banging metal magic with scorching leads. Shomadhi lost in the depths of your dreams. The Watchers (Instrumental) has a very catchy groove and great music that just takes you away. The Great Flood (Instrumental) lost in the depths of your en motions. The Archangel (Instrumental) slowly builds with great intensity and scorching leads.



THE ORDER – Out Of Order

Gianni Pontillo – Vocals, Bruno Spring – Guitar, Alain Schwaller – Bass, Mauro Casciero - Drums


(Acoustic Version)- Mama, I Love Rock 'n' Roll kick back clap your hands tap your feet and just jam the night away. Endlessly emotional vocals and great acoustic guitar work. Love Ain't A Game To Play close your eyes and dream. Sweet Stranger has a very catchy riffs with powerful vocals. Save Yourself will have the entire crowd on its feet clapping foot tapping and singing along.



Bogwife- A Passage Divine

Jonathan Tex Ronne Hansen- Bass, Jonathan Rosendahl Iversen- Drums, Morten Nielsen- Guitar, Mikkel Munk Iversen- Vocals/Guitar


The Approach slow grinding stoner doom metal music. Restoration pounding drums thumping bass strong vocals with crunchy riffs. Among the Trees pulls you into the depths of your dark imagination. Celestial Dawn slow slithering doom metal that envelops your very soul. Descent lost in the depths of dark dreams.



Kite- Currents

Ronny Flissundet – Guitar/Vocals, Ole Christian Helstad – Bass/Vocals, Bjarne Alexander Ryen Berg – Drums/ Percussion


Idle Lights pulls you into the depths of madness and despair. Turbulence rumbling bass crunchy riffs with pounding rhythms and dark vocals. Murderess grabs you by the throat and just slams you against a wall over and over. Ravines darkness depression and nightmares. Currents take one strange dark musical journey. Infernal Trails lost in the dark depths of your imagination slow and slithering. Ferret thumping bass pounding drums psychedelic doom metal guitars with interesting vocal Heroin lost in the depths of space time and death. Unveering Static just pummels you into dark places.