The Xroadie Files

Ellimist- St

Matthew Goorahoo – Guitar/Vocals, Mike Fitts -Guitar, Tyler Montaquila – Drums


The Equatorial High Crystal floswing tones and spoken words that turns into a prog rock metal masterpiece. Alien Civilizations los in space time and the depths of dark dreams. Toomin floating in your imagination. The Brilliant Loser crunchy riffs pounding rhythms and gruff and clean vocals. Mones pounding drums screaming guitars and thumping bass. Menno’s Hubris driftin in lost memories. Second Life pulsating keyboards and strange vocals. Deep Worms lost in deep space emotions. The Blue Moon fist pumping riffs head banging rhythms. Father gruff vocals with thundering rhythms and crunchy riffs. Ellimist take a magical musical journey in your mind. Crayak fist pumping hit the pit and mosh then several tempo changes. The Final Game soft melodies and dark vocals.



White Crone- Stargazer/ The Poisoner

Vinny Appice- Drums, Alastair Greene- Guitar, Eric Lawrence- Keyboards, Lisa Mann (aka White Crone- Bass/ Vocals.


Lisa Mann- Vocals/Bass/Guitar, Larry London- Drums, Vinny Appice- Drums, Mehdi Farjami- Guitar, Caton Lyles- Percussion, Kevin Hahn- Pick Scrapes/Barre chords


Stargazer on excellent cover of the Rainbow classic just let the music envelop your senses with great musicianship and soaring vocals. The Dream Of Tiamat thundering bass pounding drums crunchy guitars screaming leads and soaring vocals. The Poisoner great bass work searing leads with thundering drums fist pump and head bang. To The Abyss sway groove and just let the music take you away. Our Sacred Duty close your eyes and just drift with the emotions. Broken soaring melodies steady rhythms with a mid eastern feel that just pulls you in with amazing vocals. The Seven Gates Of Hell thundering drums thumping bass chugging guitars with soaring emotional vocals and screaming leads. New Planet Earth take a trip back in time to when hard rock metal ruled the world and just enjoy. Interment slowly pulls you into your imagination with amazing music and soaring vocals. Edge Of Gone fist pumping foot stomping song that just sticks in your head. Melancholia close your eyes and dream. Under Hag Stones pulls you into the depths of your imagination 18 Rabbit thumping bass searing leads crunchy riffs a catchy tune that will stay with you as you sing and shout.



Lexi Layne- Sinner And Saint

Lexi Layne- Vocals, Clint Fowler- Guitar/Bass


Dominate pulsating rhythms with powerful vocals. Self Sabotage crunchy guitars with dark demonic and ethereal vocals and thundering bass. Bloodless takes you into the depths of dark dreams. Lost Soul floating in your imagination. Sinner And Saint heavy rhythms soaring vocals with pounding drums.



The Far Cry- If Only

Chris Dabbo- Piano/Keyboards/Vocals, Robert Hutchinson-Drums/Percussion/Bells/Spoken Word, Jeff Brewer- Vocals/Bass/Bass Synth/Bass Pedals/Guitar, Bryan Collin- Guitar


The Mask Of Deception take a magical prog rock journey in your imagination. Programophone catchy rhythms just pulls you in as you let the music envelop your senses. Winterlude close your eyes and drift in your dreams. Simple Pleasures take a trip back to the mystical 70s and let the music just envelop your spirit. The Missing Floor floating on a cloud of melodic memories and emotions. Winterlude Warning piano tone envelop you as the music drifts along. If Only on over 16 minute musical journey masterpiece that just lets your imagination flow. Dream Dancer soft musical memories and emotions.




Brenna Leath – Bass/Vocals, Tradd Yancey – Drums/Vocals, Mike Dean - Guitar


Morieris slow slithering heavy music with emotional vocals that just envelops you. Septix rumbling bass pounding drums searing guitars with powerful vocals. Harness slow bass pounding drums crunchy riffs and amazing vocals. Offering is a fist pumping head banging get your groove on metal music. Pandora will have the entire crowd on its feet rockin out and singing. En Medias Res pulls you into the dark depths of dreams and nightmares. Maelstrom thumping bass pounding drums crunchy riffs and soaring vocals. Golden Paw slow grinding metal music.