The Xroadie Files

Slowpoke- Self Titled

Cameron Legge – Guitar, Ben Chapman - Smith – Bass/Vocals, Adam Young - Drums


Stony Iommi lumbering bass pounding drums then eerie music that envelops your senses. Slumlord stand shout and just rock out. Sid The Cat fist pumping foot stomping doom metal with screaming leads. Miami Camo bass that rumbles your very being with a slow pounding drum beat and psychedelic vocals. Windtalker fist pump head bang and growl along. Sanctuary steady rhythms scorching leads with crunchy riffs. Slowpoke stoner psychedelic metal music.



Hardline- Heart, Mind And Soul

Johnny Gioeli- Vocals, Alessandro Del Vecchio – Keyboards, Mario Percudani- Guitar, Anna Portalupi- Bass, Marco Di Salvia - Drums


Fuel To The Fire starts out swampy and bluesy then just kicks it and rocks out. Surrender catchy riffs amazing vocals with a rockin rhythm. If I Could I Would takes you back in time to the melodic hard rock that ruled the airwaves. Like That close your eyes and let the awesome vocals and searing leads with great emotional playing send shivers down your spine. Heavenly stand sway lighters held high singing along. Waiting For Your Fall catchy keyboards thumping bass pounding drums crunchy riffs great vocals and excellent vocals. The Curse will have the entire crowd on its feet swaying grooving and chanting. Heartless fist in the air chant along with a very catchy rhythm. Searching For Grace flowing melodies just take you away into your dreams. 80’s Moment crunchy guitars screaming leads soaring vocals with excellent musicianship. We Belong close your eyes and dream.



Four Trips Ahead- Remnants

Peter Wilson- Vocals, Brian Eisenpresser- Guitar/Keyboards/Vocals, Dan Cassidy- Bass/Vocals, Ken Candelas- Drums/Percussion


Remnants chugging guitar riffs pounding drums thundering bass screaming leads with powerful vocals. It’s Alright thumping bass thundering drums searing leads with sing along vocals. Higher close your eyes and just drift as the music builds in intensity. I’m Calling chugging crunchy riffs pounding drum thumping bass with great vocals. Follow Me will have the crowd on its feet just fist pumping and singing along.



Henriette- Masterpiece

Henriette- Vocals, Klavier Ashley Wolfe- BG Vocals, James Robertson- Guitar, Jay Kott- Bass, Jay Tooke- Drums/Percussion, Adam Bokesch- Synthesizer


Masterpiece sitting with friend strumming guitar with soft melodic vocals drifting along. Reme close tour eyes and float on a cloud of memories. Never Go Back take a trip thru your imagination.



Silent Obsession- Countdown

Danny – Vocals, Manil – Bass, Ben der – Drums, Max marginal - Guitar


Apocalyptic Manifestation death destruction and mayhem pull you into madness. End Of An Era thrashing shredding ripping it up metal death. Exhausted Resource thundering bass pounding drums growling demonic vocals and crushing guitar riffs.