New Wo Fat Is Coming!

Seriously, it’s time to start getting excited. After many years of silence, the band has submitted their masters and we are in the process of pressing them and beginning the release process.

The record is great by the way.

Seriously great.


While you wait – why not pre-order our upcoming vinyl reissue of their 2006 classic The Gathering Dark?

You can grab it here:


This record has been out of print for years now so it’s really an honor to bring it back to you. IT’s part of our Wo Fat reissue series. We started earlier this year with Psychedelonaut and next year we’ll do Noche Del Chupacabra.

With the ongoing vinyl shortage, this reissue will probably be the last one for a long while. It’s the perfect way to tide you over before the new record.

Buy it now:

And fall in love with the gift of Wo Fat all over again!


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