“All for Raven – The Tribute” (ft. John Gallagher) is the 1st ever tribute album to NWOBHM legend Raven

“All for Raven – The Tribute” is the 1st ever tribute album to NWOBHM legend Raven. Featuring 12 amazing bands from Europe, USA, Africa, America Latina and Asia.


John Gallagher from Raven appears as a guest on vocals with Anthony Drago’s band, as shown in the video clip Admiral featuring John Gallagher “Live at The Inferno”.


London-based LA Riot Survivor Records release the album in Digipack CD, white wax 180gr. Vinyl limited edition and digital single: OUT 9/23 in Japan available at Rock Stakk Records and from 10/5 worldwide.


Incredible performances and outstanding recordings make this release a fitting tribute to such an influential band.


A must-have collectible item for die-hard true metal and Raven fans.



Admiral ft. John Gallagher - "live at the inferno"

Avenger - "inquisitor"

Abigail - "take control"

Albatross - "the savage and the hungry"

Space Chaser - "faster than the speed of light

Iron Curtain - "break the chain"

Deceased - "wiped out"

Martyr - "don't need your money"

Thunderspell  - "fire power

Detest - "mind over metal"

Sacred Steel - "all for one"

Skinflint  - "hard ride"


Artwork by Roberto Toderico

Mastered by Francesco Vinci

Graphic Design by Maria Teresa Bovino

Video Edit and Design by Beppe Volpini

Produced by Anthony Drago for LA Riot Survivor Records UK

Executive Production by Yuri Dimitrov for Talan Capital ltd UK



Website: www.lariotsurvivor.com