The Xroadie Files

Mothman and The Thunderbirds - Into the Instrumentals

Alex Parkinson – Guitars/Bass/Programing, Sam Parkinson – Guitar


Cloud Giant heavy riffs with catchy rhythms that just envelop your senses. Agarthan Riders marching drums thumping bass screaming guitars just stand up and fist pump. Nomad close your eyes and just drift in heavy dreams. Squonk (Vocals Only) melodic vocals. Hollow Sun clap your hands tap your feet and just enjoy the musical h journey with some scorching leads.



Runespell – Verses in Regicide

Nightwolf- All Instruments/Vocals


Structures of Collapse slowly builds as the death destruction and mayhem envelop you. Vengeance Reign lost in dark dreams and nightmares. Realm Of Fire the pits of hell open and demons pour out devouring souls. Into Dust drifting in deep emotional depths of madness. Tides Of Slidhr thumping bass pounding drums crunchy guitars and dark vocals. Shadow’s Dominion despair and dementia envelops your senses. Windswept Burial floating on a sea of melodic emotional madness.



PRESTIGE – Reveal The Ravage

Aku Kytölä - Vocals / Bass , Ari Tapani Karppinen – Guitar, Jan "Örkki" Yrlund – Guitar, Matti "Matson" Johansson - Drums


Innocent thundering drums pounding bass crushing guitars fast hard and heavy with old school thrash metal vocals. Burn My Eyes hit the pit slam sweat thrash and mosh till you drop. Blessed Be chugging riffs pounding drums thundering bass with scorching leads. Pick Your Poison stand as one fist in the air and get ready to take on the world. Exit screaming guitars thundering rhythms with gruff vocals. You Weep tear it up thrash metal magic. In Remains fist pumping head banging metal music. Ready? Hit the floor circle and just get your aggression out along with searing leads. Self Destruct pump your fist pound the ground and just let it loose. Prime Time is a very heavy catchy tune that sticks in your head for days.



GUHTS- Blood Feather

Amber Burns –Vocals, Scott Prater - Guitar/Synth/Drum Samples/Vocals, Dan Shaneyfelt - Guitar/Synth/Vocals


Eyes Open tribal beats thumping bass crunchy riffs soaring vocals just let the music envelop your senses. Handless Maiden stand sway and let the music pull you into your imagination. The Mirror close you eyes and let the emotional memories take you away. The Forest soaring emotional heavy music that just pulls you in.



Bang Bang Firecracker- See Evil

Kieron Berry- Guitar/Vocals, Marcus Wrench- Bass, Bobby Ansell- Drums


Unleash The Devil heavy grooves pounding rhythms soaring vocals with great musicianship. G.F.Y thundering bass pounding drums screaming guitars one fist pumping head banging metal tune. Chase The Wasted fist pumping head banging metal magic.