The Xroadie Files

March In Arms- Pulse Of The Daring

Jon Parker-Guitar, Ryan Knutson – Guitar/Vocals, Scott McGuire -Bass, Sheldon Swan -Guitar, Phil Mueller -Drums


1914 screaming guitars crunchy riffs pounding drums thumping bass with a great chant along vocal. Alter Of The Gun fist pump head bang and just rock all nite. Welcome The Blitz will have you on your feet with a very catchy riff great rhythm and excellent vocals. NISEI searing leads pounding drums thundering bass with amazing vocals. Pulse Of The Daring clap sing shout and just let the emotions envelop your senses. An Act Of Valor will have the entire crowd on its feet fist in the air foot stomping and singing as one. No Years Resolution solid as a rock drums bass interplay chugging guitars screaming leads with soaring vocals. Thunderbolt fast hard heavy melodic metal magic. Omaha chant along as one ready to take on the world as the music just envelops your spirit. Not For Nothing lighters held high as the music sends shivers down your spine.



Turbosnake- Cold Blooded

Ryan Thomas – Vocals, Brendan Douglas- Drums, Andrew Tapley – Guitar, Eric Roelofsen- Bass, Grant Rushton- Guitar


Turbo Lovers stand shout fist pump and just rock and roll all night with one catchy tune. Gas Grass Or Ass take a trip back in time to the melodic hard rock metal 80s and just enjoy the ride. Road Warrior crunchy guitars pounding drums thundering bass with excellent vocals. Lightning In A Bottle will get the entire crowd involved with a tune that will just stick in your head for days. Drinkin Tunes sway groove to a catchy tune. Pit Viper just kick it with a tune that will just bring back many memories.



Mojo Alice- Liquid Sin

Morpheus Tilley- Drums, Brodie Osullivan- Guitar, Jem Tupe- Vocals, Matiu Williams- Bass


In My Head has a very heavy bluesy feel witturbosnakeh some amazing vocals and a great rhythm section. Not That Into You screaming guitars thundering drums pumping bass with crunchy rhythms and powerful vocals. Master Of Lovin’ close your eyes and just let the searing leads and amazing vocals send shivers down your spine. Liquid Sin on your feet fist pump head bang foot stomp and just rock out. The Ace fast hard heavy catchy music. Mr. J sway groove and just let the emotions envelop your senses. Dirty Mary will have the entire crowd on its feet fist pumping playing air guitar and chanting. Drop Dead awesome bluesy vocals with crunchy riffs and steady rhythms along with scorching leads. The Creature great riffs thundering rhythms vocals that just send shivers down your spine as the music pulls you in.



Sven Gali - 3

Dave Wanless – Vocals, Andy Frank – Guitar, Sean Williamson – Guitar, Shawn "T.T." Minden – Bass, Dan Fila - Drums


Kill the Lie's heavy riffs thundering rhythms get on your feet clap shout and rock out. You Wont Break Me fist pumping head banging metal magic. Now slow grooving heavy music that just envelops you with great sing along vocals. Hurt crunchy riffs pounding drums thundering bass with excellent vocals.



Jeff Carlson Band – Yesterdays Gone

Jeff Carlson - Vocals/Guitar, Robbie Wolfe - Guitar/Vocals, Cory Kay - Bass/Vocals, Robbie Sherre- Drums


The Reckoning the sounds just envelop your senses. Guilt Is Your Weapon crunchy riffs thundering drums pounding bass and great vocals. Yesterdays Gone stand fist pump groove and just rock out Promise The Moon close your eyes and just drift away in your dreams. Fire catchy riffs great vocals with a steady as a rock rhythm. Enemy Within has a slow heavy groove that just envelops you as it moves along. Over My Shoulder fist pumping head banging metal magic with great musicianship. American Dream pounding drums thumping bass screaming guitars with amazing vocals. Liquid Skye just let the heavy groove envelop your very spirit. The Way It Should Be chugging riffs pounding rhythms soaring vocals with scorching leads. Ladoda take one amazing musical journey thru your imagination. Promise The Moon (Alternate Version) just a different version of the excellent tune.