Cannonball Splash Debut Their New Video For "Parallels"


Two Chicago-bred artists have crossed genre paths to release a joint project unlike any of their past individual works. Indie/PBRnB rapper Drainhead Macintosh, & multi-instrumentalist shredder/rock n' roll songwriter Matt Loewy teamed up to put together a surprisingly instinctive collaborative sound.


"Parallels" (directed by Kyle P. Hess & shot by Will Start) is the 6th song & video released by Cannonball. The visual plays with color and dynamics. As we hear the dark fuzzy vocal and guitar rip through time, we observe an opposingly calm and colorful world in each frame. The video is both soothing and engaging and the song finds itself playing in perfect synchronicity.


Drain enjoys writing music for other artists in and around town in a variety of genres. Loewy, after a stint touring with his previous band, has been splitting time between LA and Florida working as a live and studio guitarist for local acts and performing solo shows around the country as the post-pandemic world has started to reopen.