The Xroadie Files

Badfinger- No Matter What, Revisiting the Hits

Joey Molland – Vocals/Guitar, Mark Healey- Bass/Vocals, Steve Wozny- Keyboards/Vocals, Mike Ricciardi- Drums/Vocals


Guest Musicians- Mark Stein, Rick Wakeman, Carl Giammarese, Ian Anderson , Terry Reid/ Manchester String Quarte, Rick Springfield, Matthew Sweet, The Legendary Pink Dots, Sonny Landreth, Albert Lee, Todd Rundgren


No Matter What take a trip back to the 70s and just dream about simpler times with great music and vocals. Come And Get It close your eyes and drift in your imagination. I Don’t Mind floating on a cloud of memories. Day After Day just a magical musical journey. Love Is Gonna Come At Last tap your feet sway chant and just groove along. Baby Blue just let the emotions envelop your senses and take you back in time. Midnight Caller just let the emotions flow over your. Suitcase southern countrified melodic music. Sweet Tuesday Morning sitting around strumming guitars and singing with friends. Without You emotional memories just take you away in your imagination.



Wartooth- Programmed Dichotomy

Andy Knappstein – Guitars/Vocals, Wally Knappstein - Drums


Wired to Die crushing riffs pounding drums thundering bass screaming leads with powerful vocals. Scourge hit the pit and mosh till exhaustion. Kingdom Of Fear screaming guitars thundering drums pounding bass that fast hard and heavy. Predator fist pumping head banging metal madness. Benevolent Destroyer thundering bass pounding drums crunchy riffs scorching leads with strong vocals. Sabotage catchy riffs fist pumping head banging thrashing shredding it up heavy metal. Venomhead take a trip back to the mid 80s when thrash ruled the world. As Darkness Comes fist in the air heir flying head banging metal music that just slams you against a wall.



Void Vator – Great Fear Rising

Lucas Kanopa - Guitar/Vocals, Erik Kluiber - Guitar, Sam Harman - Bass, German Moura – Drums.


I Can't Take It pounding drums searing leads thundering bass with strong vocals. I Want More hit the pit slam sweat thrash and mosh while playing screaming air guitar. There's Something Wrong With Us fist pumping head banging catchy crunchy riffs that just pulls you in. Losing Control crunchy riffs pounding rhythms with great vocals. Great Fear Rising has a marching rhythm with searing guitars pounding drums thumping bass and powerful vocals. McGyver's Mullet will stick in your head for days just enjoy the musical journey. Encounter drifting on a melodic metal journey in your minds eye. Poltergeist chugging rhythms fist pumping foot stomping heavy metal with soaring vocals. Infierno classic fist pumping metal magic.



Chez Kane- St

Chez Kane – Vocals, Danny Rexon – All Instruments, Jesse Molloy- Saxophone


Better Than Love flowing keyboards soaring vocals with a very catchy rhythm take a trip back to the 80s and enjoy. All Of It stand clap chant sing shout and rock out. Rocket On The Radio will have the entire crowd on its feet just grooving and singing as the music takes you away. Get It On clap foot tap and let the catchy tune stick in your head for days. Too Late For Love catchy chorus great vocals steady beats and amazing musicianship. Defender of the Heart will just have you drifting away in your dreams. Ball n Chain grab your air guitars and rock n roll all night with some catchy vocals and great music. Midnight Rendezvous fast hard heavy rock it all night long hard rock music. Die In the Name Of Love clap sing shout and just let the emotions envelop your very soul. Dead End Street drifting on a cloud of memories that just pulls you in and takes you away with very catchy melodies



Mike Tiano- Creetisvan

Mike Tiano- Vocals/Guitar, Billy Sherwood- Drums, Randy George- Bass, David Sancious , Jonathan Sindelman- Keyboards, Steve McKnight- Guitar, Joanne Perica- Vocals, and a host of notable Seattle-area talents.


There Behind You just take one strange musical mind trip with amazing musicianship. On Hold soft melodies flow in your drams. Constant Companion lost in memories singing with friends. The Dark Ages drifting on a cloud of melodic music and vocals. Dance Of The Little Guys sitting around strumming guitars and playing some excellent acoustic leads. Different Drummer steady beats soaring leads thumping bass with soaring vocals. Automaton just take one interesting mind trip. A Natural drifting in your dreams. Evergreen just flowering with great melodies. Triad sit back tap your feet clap and sing. (Because) You Win take a trip back to the late 70s and just enjoy the ride. Emerge Triumphant just take a magical musical prog rock journey.