The Xroadie Files

Skold – Dies Irae

Tim Skold – All


Dirty Horizon crunchy riffs pounding rhythms with gruff vocals. Unspoken industrial rave music that pulls you in. The End is Near just take a strange musical mind trip. Terrified pulsating sights and sounds that drive you into oblivion. Love Is a Disease just dance sway and chant. This Is The Way fast hard heavy crunchy crushing riffs pounding rhythms and gruff vocals. Silicon Dreams groove and sway till the last note rings out. As Above so Below lost in the depths of your dark dreams. Kill Yourself taking a trip thru time space and your imagination. Goodbye heavy gothic rave industrial music.



Branco - 2050

Filippo Alessio – All


2020 just let the strange eerie music and spoken word envelops your senses. Flock’s Run let the music take you into dark dreams and nightmares. McCandless Syndrome lost in the depths of your imagination. 2050 one interesting musical mind trip.



Sanction – The Overview Effect



Monolith The Ebon Form dark heavy maniacal music that drives you insane. The Overview Effect thrashing shredding music with dark growling vocals. Between The Increments some shredding guitars thundering drums pounding bass with gruff vocals. Mote of Dust Part 1 Pale Blue Dot hit the pit slam sweat and thrash till your exhausted. Mote Of Dust Part 2 The Envelope Darkening continues the metal onslaught of death and destruction. From Whence We Came thrashing shredding ripping it up death metal madness. Vestige pounding drums thundering bass crushing guitars with dark vocals.



Acid’s Trip – Strings Of Soul

Acid -Guitar/Vocals, Mike -Guitar/Vocals, Rockhard -Drums, Lucas -Bass


Prelude soft angelic music and vocals envelops your senses. Strings of Souls psychedelic acid rock that takes you back in time. The Kiss Riff just get up sway groove and let the music fill your soul. No More Fucks fast hard heavy rock that just has you rocking on down the road. High Time one catchy tune that just sticks in your head as you sing along. Just A Man catchy riffs pounding drums thumping bass soaring organ with a memorable melody. Faster, Chopper, Boogie melodic vocals steady beats great musicianship with a punk influence. Creature of the Lagoon foot tap hand clap and chant. Get It Right just kicking back with friends rocking the night away. Delusions of Grandeur crunchy riffs screaming leads great vocals with a pounding drum thumping bass rhythm. If Only (I Were the Only) has an old school rockabilly feel. Come Hell Or High Water emotional hard rock that just envelops you and has you imagination taking you away.



Final Gasp- Baptism Of Desire

Jake Murphy Vocals, Eric Lester Drums, Sean Rose -Bass, James Kent Forsythe -Guitar


Final Gasp hit the pit slam sweat thrash and tear it up. New Dawn crunchy riffs eerie rhythm with interesting vocals. Night Vision chugging riffs pounding drums thundering bass with strange vocals. Dead Asleep draws you into the depths of dementia.