The Xroadie Files

Cactus- Tightrope

Carmine Appice- Drums, Jimmy Kunes- Vocals, Randy Pratt - Harmonica, Paul Warren- Guitar/Vocals, James Caputo – Bass, Jim McCarty- Guitar, Phil Naro- Vocals


Tightrope stand clap groove sing shout it out. Papa Was A Rolling Stone is a very catchy tune great cover version that just rocks out. All Shook Up just let the emotions envelop your senses. Poison In Paradise slow bluesy rock scorching leads that just send shivers down your spine. Third Time Gone clap your hands stomp your feet groove and just take one excellent musical journey and enjoy. Shake That Thing will have the entire crowd clapping foot tapping and grooving til the last note rings out. Primitive Touch crunchy riffs pounding drums thumping bass with amazing vocals and screaming leads. Preaching Woman Man Blues will have everyone dancing grooving and having a great time. Elevation a catchy tune that sticks with you for days. Suite 1&2 Everlong All the Madman just drifting in your imagination. Headed for A Fall hand clapping foot tapping knee slapping hard rock that just pulls you in. Wear It Out emotions just envelop your very soul.



The Mobile Homes- Trigger

Andreas Brun, Patrik Brun, Hans Erkendahl, Sami Sirviö, Markus Mustonen


Vis Dolorosa has a pulsating new wave rhythm that envelops your senses. The Song We Didn’t Have Then just get on your feet dance groove and sing. Zero Zero taking an emotional music journey in your memories. My Graveyard lost in the depth of your imagination. The Sorrow Stays For Good clap foot tap and just flow along. Mirror flashing lights steady rhythms and new wave gothic vocals. Once Upon A Time I Was Handsome one interesting mind trip. As You Said It pulsating sights and sounds just envelop your dreams. Obscurity floating in memories. Trigger just let the music pull you into strange places.



Slaves To Fashion- The History Of Heavy Metal

Johannes Støle -Vocals, Torfinn Sirnes -Guitar, John Lind -Bass, Vidar Ingvaldsen -Drums, Stein Arild Grønås -Guitar


MCMLXX sounds of a storm slow slithering music with interesting vocals. THE PRIEST OF MAIDENHEAD fist pumping head banging metal magic. SEX, DRUGS & ROCK 'N' ROLL will have the entire crowd chanting fist pumping and playing air guitar. THRASH OF THE TITANS crushing riffs thundering rhythms screaming leads with powerful vocals. EXPRESSIONS OF EXTREMITY chugging guitar riffs pounding drums thundering bass with great vocals. GARDEN OF CHAINS sway groove and slide along. THE EVERGROWING TREE pound your fist chant and thrash about. THE POWER OF METAL scorching leads soaring vocals chugging rhythms with great musicianship. THE NU WINE is a strange rap meets metal tune. TOO CLOSE (TO SEE CLEARLY) just let the music envelop your emotions.



KaThrash- Incident Nonexistent

Valtteri Vuollekoski – Vocals, Sami Korpela – Guitar, Jari Parkkinen – Guitar, Severi Seppänen – Drums, Mikko Pöllä - Bass


My Redemption hit the pit slam sweat thrash and mosh till you drop. Plague Doctor driving fist pumping head banging slithering metal music. Medical Experiment fast hard heavy tearing it up thrash metal. Salvation by Cyanide slams against you full force and drives you into the walls. Kill With Me fist pumping foot stomping metal music chugging guitar scorching leads with gruff vocals. Iron Sight takes you back in time when thrash ruled the world with aggression. City 40 pounding drums thundering bass with crushing riffs. Healing Through Intoxicants fast hard heavy punch you in the throat music.



Nuclear Winter- Greystone

Gary Stautmeister – Everything


The Wastelands lost in the vastness of depths despair and nothingness. Stygian Awakening drifting in madness with demons all around. The Harvest Moon the pits of hell open and darkness devours the earth. Orwellian Future is the direction we are taking full of death despair and mind control. Corridor of Shells slam sweat trash and rip it up. The Wavering Shadows pounding drums thundering bass with dark intentions. Hidden Shrine slowly the music envelops your en motions. Graveyard Sculpture driftin in dark dreams. The Failing Dawn slithers all around as it pulls you into dementia.