The Xroadie Files

Feanor- Power Of The Chosen One

Sven D'Anna – Vocals, David "The Shred Demon" Shankle – Guitar, Gustavo Feanor Acosta - Bass, Oud, Piano, Bouzouki, Emiliano Wachs – Drums


Rise Of The Dragon fast hard heavy fist pumping head banging metal magic with screaming guitars and soaring vocals. Power Of The Chosen One stand chant and just get totally immersed in the metal magic. This You Can Trust hit the floor slam sweat and thrash about. Metal Land will have the entire crowd on its feet fist pumping and chanting. Hell Is Waiting shredding guitars thundering bass pounding drums scorching leads with soaring vocals. Together Forever is a very heavy melodic tune that sticks in your head for days. Bringer Of Pain emotional vocals crunchy riffs solid rhythms that just envelop you. Lost In Battle thumping bass pounding drums great rhythms with amazing musicianship. Fighting For A Dream close your eyes and let your imagination take you away. The Return Of The Metal King (The Odyssey In 9 Parts) one amazing power metal epic that just takes you on an awesome musical journey.



Doom Sessions Volume 2- Bongzilla & Tons

Bongzilla - Mother's Flowers Little Helper ;low rumbling bass plodding drums with evil demonic vocals. Cosmic Distillate Nectar Collector pulls you into the depths of dementia and madness. Cupcake vocals from the mouth of hell crunchy riffs and thundering rhythms.

Tons - Chronic Morning Obesity - Part I open the pis of hell and demons crawl out devouring all. Chronic Morning Obesity - Part II lost in the dark depths of your imagination. With some scorching leads. Chronic Morning Obesity - Part III low bass rumbles your very being with a psychedelic stoner rock influence.



Carl Verheyen- Sundial

Carl Verheyen- Guitar, Piano, Jim Cox- Hammond Organ/Fender Rhodes, Mitchel Foreman- Piano/Hammond Organ, Chad Wackerman, John Mader, John Ferraro, Nick D’Virgilio- Drums, Dave Marotta, Tom Child- Bass, Craig Copeland, Kat Bowser, Beth Cohen- Backing vocals:


Sundial close your eyes and let the melodies envelop your dreams. Kaningie some amazing jazzy musicianship just get ready to roll along. Clawhammer Man just drifting in your imagination with some funky music. Never Again slow bluesy grinding music. Garfunkel (It Was All To Real) sway sing and just float away with the melodies and great musicianship. People Got To Be Free will have the crowd on its feet singing and just taking one imaginative musical journey. Spiral Glide floating on a cloud of melodies and memories. Michelle’s Song soft piano envelops your senses. No Time For a Kiss searing leads great melodies just pull you into your dreams. Sundial Slight Return drifting with great music into your thoughts and memories.



FIREWING - Resurrection

Airton Araujo – Vocals, Caio Kehyayan – Guitar, Oliveira - Guitar / Orchestration, Peter De Reyna – Bass, Chris Dovas – Drums


Prelude: Moonlight Of Despair taking a trip thru your imagination. Obscure Minds scorching leads chugging riffs pounding rhythms with great vocals. Chapter I: Acheron's Ritual strange dreams envelop your senses. Demons Of Society the music pulls you in with some searing leads. Far in Time stand sway clap and sing. Chapter II: Temple Of Helios soft melodies sand memories. Resurrection crunchy riffs soaring vocals screaming leads with a very catchy rhythm. Time Machine letting your imagination take you away on one excellent musical journey. Chapter III: Transcending Souls floating in your memories. Eternity chugging guitars searing leads thundering rhythms with melodic piano and great vocals. Tales of Ember & Vishap: How Deep Is Your Heart? Just let the emotions envelop your imagination. Tales of Ember & Vishap: The Meaning Of Life fist pumping head banging power metal. The Essence Of Your Heart catchy music and excellent vocals that just take you away in your dreams. Epilogue: Sacred Journey classical music pulls you in and takes you away.



Jane Getter Premonition- Anomalia

Jane Getter, Adam Holzman, Alex Skolnick, Chad Wackerman, Mark Egan, Gene Lake, Stu Hamm, Vernon Reid, Randy McStine, Chanda Rule


KRYPTONE steady beats with a thumping bss crunchy guitars and swirling organs and a jazzy influence. LESSONS LEARNED just close your eyes and take one imaginative musical journey with some great musicianship. DISSEMBLER drifting along with some searing leads and a great rhythm. ALIEN REFUGEE sitting in a smoky bar having a few watching the band onstage play emotional jazzy music. STILL HERE sway drift and just let the music envelop your senses. ANSWERS strumming guitars soft vocals with emotional music. QUEEN OF SPIES just floating with the musical current. DISAPPEAR sitting around with friends playing guitar and singing. SAFE HOUSE just let the emotions pull you into dreams and memories.