The Merlin/Wizzerd Meme War Culminates This Friday In A Blast Of Doom

The stoner doom world has been clamoring for months now over the ongoing, hilarious meme war between Merlin and Wizzerd. Now the true champion will be decided on the ultimate battlefield - Turned To Stone Chapter III: Wizzerd vs Merlin. This is a split for the ages, featuring two of the scenes most acclaimed doom bands showcasing their best stuff.


Check it out (With some teasers) here:


What's cool about this split is that the bands each turned in epic single track sides. Both are explorations of what they are capable of. Be it Merlin's unique brand of avant garde doom, unafraid to bring in a diverse range of influences, or Wizzerd crafting intricate worlds of doom prog.


Both offerings are one of a kind and fitting testaments to just how good these bands are. It is our honor to be able to bring them to you on CD and LP. The LP is on the verge of selling out by the way, and with vinyl pressing times being what they are... who knows if or when this will ever get repressed.


Anyway - check out this split, it's our first in a while and it's been a blast to put together!


Just head here:




The Ripple Crew


PS: The memes around this record were honestly spectacular. Check out the landing page for a hint at their glory: