Shipping From The US Just Went Up! Our EU Store Has Your Back!

European Waveriders,

You are numerous and we love you.

But we have bad news.

Because of new restriction, getting records shipped from the US just got a lot more expensive.

Fortunately we've got you covered with our very own EU store:

This store features all our new records and guarantees you get both lower shipping rates and are sure to get your products more securely delivered since it's all handled within Europe. (More specifically, within the warehouse in western Austria!)

In other words - it's a win win for you, the fan. It's something you're going to want in on as it guarantees a better overall experience if you're trying to get some of your favorite heavy records from us!


Oh and if you're outside of Europe and the US (We see you Australian fans!) this European based store might also be a cheaper option for you because of how ridiculous shipping from the USA has gotten lately.

So check out the store today, grab a record, and please give us feedback if you see a way we can improve:


Todd Severin and the Ripple Crew


PS: We know that there were some concerns with lack of certain products in the store. Well guess what - we've recently added a freight forwarder, so the store is going to be more stocked up than ever! Check it out: