The Xroadie Files

Canyon – Static

Alex Duin – Bass / Vocals, David Collopy – Drums, Dalton Courtney – Guitars


Insane pounding drums thumping bass along vocals with crunchy guitars. Keep Me Waiting has a very catchy riff that sticks with you for days . Gone Before Your Time just close your eyes and drift away with many emotions. Minority Outspoken stand clap foot stomp fist pump and groove. Static one tune that will just pull you into the depths of your emotions.



Chicken Snake – Shapeshifter

Jerry, Pauline, Marco Butcher, Luis Tissot


Bring Down The Rain just get up and dance a jig till the music is over. Shapeshifter bluesy hard rock with tons of emotions. Preacher Man tap your feet clap your hands and sing along. Long Time Ago just close your eyes and drift. Cold Night For Alligators one catchy tune that sticks in your head for days. Chicken Shit sway and groove. Don't Look At Me bluesy countrified rock. Devil Moon clap your hands tap your feet and chant. Oh Death music that is full of melancholic emotions. Bury My Trouble catchy and sticks in your head. #1 (With A Bullet) stand clap foot tap and fist pump.



Yawning Man – Live At Maximum Festival

Mario Lalli- Bass, Gary Arce- Guitar, Alfredo Hernandez- Drums


Rock Formations thundering bass crunchy guitars and pounding drums. Far Off Adventure slow bass that just rumbles your very being with a psychedelic feel as the rest of the band kicks in. Stoney Lonesome close your eyes and let your imagination take you away. Perpetual Oyster one interesting musical mind trip. Manolete psychedelic acid stoner rock. Ground Swell pulls you in and take you away into dark dreams. Dark Meet drifting in a sea of musical madness.



Innersphere- Omfalos

Míra Litomerický – Vocals/Guitar/Samples, Lukáš Mai – Guitar, Marek Hubocký – Bass, Filip Wintr - Drums


Presentiment slow melancholic guitar chords with a steady beat and scorching leads. The Darkest Hour fast hard heavy with dark demonic vocals. Above hit the pit slam sweat and mosh till you drop. Fire fist pumping head banging death metal madness. Omfalos pulls you into the depths of dark dreams. Wisdom blackness envelops your very spirit. Blackness heavy pounding riffs and growling vocals. Nature Of Sorrow drawn into the deep depths of your imagination. The Embodiment fist pumping moshing death metal mayhem. The Fall slowly envelopes you in dark emotions.


Ulvegr- Isblod

Helg – Vocals/Guitars/Bass/Keyboards, Odalv - Drums


Jotuntre slams you against a wall full force over and over. Dodt Morke thrashing shredding death metal madness. Vargold the pits of hell open and demons spew forth. Isblod death destruction and mayhem envelops your senses. Dunkelstorm hit the pit thrash slam and mosh till you drop. Askevind eerie tones draw you into deep dreams.