The Xroadie Files

Void - Dreams Of A Painted World

Band Members - ????


Crossing The Mists lost in time space and dementia. Ascending The Mountain Of Madness close your eyes and dream. Through Tooth And Nail taking one amazing musical mind trip. Death Knell dark heavy slow metal with melancholic tones.



Dozer – Vultures

Tommi Holappa – Guitar, Fredrik Nordin – Guitar/Vox, Johan Rockner – Bass, Olle Mårthans – Drums


The Impostor crunchy riffs pounding beats with a sing along stoner rock vocals. Last Prediction stand fist pump shout and rock out. Vultures screaming leads steady beats with a catchy rhythm get up and groove . Head Ghosts groove slide slither and let the music envelop your senses. To The Fallen catchy rhythms that just pull you in and take you away. Vinegar Fly (Sunride cover) just get up rock n roll all nite with one catchy tune.



Illuminae- Dark Horizons

Ian Jones, Agnieszka Swita, Special Guests - Steve Hackett, John Helliwell, Troy Donockley, Craig Blundell, Luke Machin, Gonzalo Carrera.


The Lighthouse just let the music envelop your very being. Blood On Your Hands classical infused prog rock with amazing musicianship and soaring vocals. Edge of Darkness take an amazing melodic musical mind trip. Lullaby close your eyes and dream. Twice soft melodies just pull you into your emotions. Heretics and Prophecy emotions and memories just envelop your very spirit. Sanctuary lost in your imagination. Black Angel drifting in your deep imagination. Sign of Infinity sitting with friends strumming guitar and singing. Dark Horizons powerful emotional prog rock music.



Nicarus – Coal People Coal Puppets

Tali Green


We Can See Their Lies slow heavy music that just envelops your soul. Are You Afraid To Die Alone just pulls you into the depths of your emotions. Coal People Coal Puppets dark and heavy music that pulls you into madness. The Architect of Grime kicking back in a smoky bar listening to the heavy music on stage and just enjoying. With Storms We Thrive close your eyes and let the emotions just flow thru and around you. The Stuff You Pack When You Are A Time Traveler just take one melodic musical mind trip.



20 Watt Tombstone – Year Of The Jackalope

Tom Jordan – Guitar/Vocals, Mitch Ostrowski – Drums


Just Got Paid one heavy excellent cover of the ZZ Top classic just get up and rock. Midnight Train To Memphis fist pumping head banging tune that just pulls you in and wont let go.