Do You Need Another Reason To Subscribe To Ripple On Bandcamp? You're In Luck!

Todd Severin, CEO of Ripple Music here. Many of you know about our Bandcamp subscription service.(Check it out for yourself:


For $5 a month you get all the new releases going forward from the time of your subscription, a plethora of back releases, subscriber only special songs/remixes/demos, and 15% off all physical product.


Well now, we're gonna start something new and exciting.


Call it the Subscriber Test Press Bonanza!! Each month, I'll randomly pick one Waverider from our subscriber list and that person will get a brand new, original test press of a current release!


All you gotta do is go to our Bandcamp and sign yourself up, and perhaps a test press will be shooting your way.


Sign up here:


This month's winner will be chosen this weekend -- stay tuned.




PS: If this goes well we might bring even more options to our subscription package. Get in on it early by signing up here: