Buy The Latest From Boss Keloid: The Ripple Band Who Got Into Rolling Stone!

That's right. Our boys in Boss Keloid were featured in Rolling Stone India - and they loved them. They wrote: "Their upcoming fifth album Family The Smiling Thrush (out on June 4th via Ripple Music) clearly stacks up on the riffs (courtesy of Paul Swarbrick) and canyon-like commanding vocals from Alex Hurst, as heard on the lead single “Gentle Clovis.” Reminiscent of Mastodon as much as King Crimson, there’s a heaviness that Boss Keloid bring together that hits like a slab of bricks."


That's a ringing endorsement if we ever heard one. Seriously check it out for yourself here:


We feel super honored to have gotten to put out this record. We managed to help Boss Keloid out after they got into a sticky situation with a crappy old label, and it's our honor to help spread their unique brand of heavy prog stoner magic.


If we say so ourselves, the formats we have the record on, with a standard LP, a yellow green swirl variant and a gorgeous CD, all do justice to the wonderful heaviness found within. Family The Smiling Thrush is a special album and one that bears frequent revisiting.


You can see the variants and buy yours here:


Grab the record before it sells out, we think you'll dig it.

Get The Modern Prog Stoner Classic!


The Ripple Squad


PS: We were serious about this record selling out. Not only do Boss Keloid have a huge reputation which ensures a ton of sales, but vinyl repress times are really really screwy right now. If you want a copy of Family The Smiling Thrush you are going to need to act fast. Just head here and get yours: