The Xroadie Files

Skinny Knowledge – Don't Turn Out The Lights

Andy L Smooth – Vocals/Guitar, Benjamin Parker – Guitar, Fenge Davies – Bass Guitar, Charlie Kenny – Drums


Don't Turn Out The Lights catchy riffs that slowly build with sing along vocals. Imagination catchy pop punk hard rock. Alive has more of a bluesy hard rock groove that envelops you as you sway and sing. King Of Nothing will have you on your fee rocking and rolling. Keep Me Out Of It stand clap foot stomp and just enjoy. Not Coming Down a very catchy groove that envelops your senses. Getaway pounding drums thumping bass catchy riffs and sing along vocals. Sayonara just pulls you into your dreams. Wheel Of Love soft melodies just let your drift away. This Time catchy pop punk rock. Make A Change interesting riff emotional vocals. Take The Blame just a fast punk rock musical journey. Heavy Metal Interlude just flow along. Stand Alone just enjoy the musical journey.



Kira- Peccatum Et Blasphemia

Nameless- Guitar, Groshek – Drums, Mysth - Vocals/Bass


Opening the Gates of Hell lost and alone as the darkness of hell opens and devours you. Lucifer's Herald screaming guitars crushing drums bass and dark vocals. One Gram of Your Soul pulls you into your darkest dreams. Necroscience thrashing shredding of your very being. Temple of Suffering pulled in t o the darkest depths of your soul. Lord of Hallucinations losing your mind and your dark thoughts. In the Devil's Embrace pummels you into small pieces. The Fearful One dark dreams and nightmares pull you into madness. Weakness Isn't Breathless just take one eerie mind trip musical journey. Silence Is Consent just grinds you into dark mayhem.



Various Artists – Love You A Tribute To Syd Barrett

Disc 1- TERRAPIN – ANDREA ACHILLI just close your eyes and drift in your dreams. NO GOOD TRYING – LUNA PARK one magical trip back to the psychedelic 60s. LOVE YOU – EUGENE just kick back clap and sing. NO MAN’S LAND – HUMUS slow envelops your emotions with some great music and catchy vocals. DARK GLOBE – BLUEMOSAIKO singing and strumming guitar. HERE I GO – MAX ZARUCCHI sitting with friends and just takes a wild jam musically. OCTOPUS – SHERPA back to the style of the psychedelic age. GOLDEN HAIR – IN THE LABYRINTH pulls you into your imagination and takes you away. LONG GONE – BARYOGENESIS low bass steady keyboards and emotional vocals. SHE TOOK A LONG COLD LOOK – ALANJEMAAL psychedelic rock from the 60s that just pulls you into strange dreams. FEEL – HIS MAJESTY THE BABY excellent piano with interesting vocals. IF IT’S IN YOU – HENRIETTA AND THE FIVES takes you back to the 50s and some strange music. LATE NIGHT – DUNCAN MAITLAND strumming guitar and singing. OPEL – GALERIE 65 close your eyes and drift. DOLLY ROCKER – THE MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE just interesting pulses and vocals. WORD SONG – QUARTO STATO DELLA MATERIA just float with the emotions music. SWAN LEE – HIBUSHIBIRE psychedelic acid rock madness. LET’S SPLIT – MICHELE GENTILE strumming guitars steady beats with sing along vocals. TWO OF A KIND – DAVE HARRIS & ZEUS B HELD is a folkish 60s tune. ASTRONOMY DOMINE – BORIS SAVOLDELLI & UMBERTO PETRIN one interesting version of the classic tune.


Disc 2- BABY LEMONADE – ST 37 has sort of a rockabilly feel. LOVE SONG – LA FORMA DELLE NUVOLE strumming guitars interesting vocals. DOMINOES – SULA BASSANA just close your eyes an imagine everything. IT IS OBVIOUS – STEREOKIMONO stand swing clap and sing. RATS – PHOSPHENE pulsating keyboards and synths with strange vocals. MAISIE – THEEUNFORESEEN driftin the he depth of your mind. GIGOLO AUNT – THE AIRWAVES one jazzy bluesy rock tune. WAVING MY ARMS IN THE AIR / I NEVER LIED TO YOU – LUCA RAIO just a mellow crazy tune. WINED AND DINED – KABLE just kick back and enjoy. WOLFPACK – KEEPER OF ATLANTIS floating on clouds of melodies. EFFERVESCING ELEPHANT – BOTTI & PAVONI from GREENWALL a jazzy tune that has you grooving along. BIRDIE HOP – TRESPASSERS W take a trip back to the psychedelic 60s. LANKY PART 1 – ALFREDO LONGO feat. SEBA PAVIA drifting in your imagination. MILKY WAY – MEN ON THE BORDER low bass searing leads with a steady rhythm. BOB DYLAN BLUES – JOSS COPE strumming guitar and singing. RHAMADAN – MORNING SCALES THE MOUNTAIN lost in strange dreams. VEGETABLE MAN – NICK BENSEN will take you on one interesting psychedelic musical mind trip.



Okrütnik - Legion Antychrysta

Michał Dryjański- Vocals, Eryk Kula- Guitar, Szymon Garbarczyk-Bass, Grzegorz Drygas-Drums


Sabat slowly pulls you into death and destrucyion. Legion Antychrysta crushing riffs thundering rhythms with demonic vocals and screaming leads. Guślarz lost in the despair and destruction of your very mind. Lament Księcia Czarnej Magii eerie tones and gruff vocals with pounding rhythms and evil imaginations. Portret Trumienny, a Na Grobach Kwiaty one moving melancholic tune. Noc Galicyjska fast hard and heavy with scorching leads. Czarcie Łoże just throws you into the pit slamming sweating and thrashing about. Wrześniowe Popołudnie Rzeźnika '52 just try and survive the onslaught.



Thunder Horse – Chosen One

Stephen Bishop — Guitar/Vocals, T.C. Connally — Guitar, Dave Crow — Bass, Jason ‘Shakes’ West— Drums


Let Them Bleed crunchy riffs scorching leads pounding drums thundering bass with strong vocals. Among The Dead fist in the air sway groove and let the heaviness envelop you. Rise Of The Heathens will pull you into the depths of your imagination. Chosen One fist pup and head bang along to one amazing drum track and thumping bass as the crunchy riffs comes n and envelops you. Broken Dreams close tour eyes and dream dark imaginations with some screaming leads. Song For The Ferryman slow emotional stoner doom metal magic. Texas a stoner doom rock musical journey. Halfway To Hell stand sway groove and play along to some screaming leads that just send shivers down your spine. Remembrance countrified stoner southern rock. Dear Mr. Fantasy (bonus track) will have the entire crowd on its feet just grooving along to one great cover of the classic Traffic tune. Texas (extended version) just close you r eyes and let your imagination take over.