The Xroadie Files

The Mastelottos – A Romantics Guide to King Crimson

Pat Mastelottos – Drums, Deborah – Vocals, Guest Musicians -From Texas- Adrian Benevedes, Mark Cook, Chris Cowan, Aralee Dorough, Colin Gatwood, Corin Gatwood, Marty Hobsbracht, Mike McGary, Bill Munyon, From other parts of the world- Mark Hassett, Marco Machera, Christian Constantini, Kevin Andrews, Jeremy Neese, Victor Sagfors, Dave Martyn, Kara Day Spurlock, Additional musicians and engineers- Fabio Trentini, Andrew Simmons, Laura Scarborough, Elaine Barber, Alex Coke, Grady Cousins


Two Hands close your eyes and drift in melodic memories. Matte Kudasai just let the melodies envelop your senses. Heartbeat has a slow melodic groove that has you swaying and singing. Moonchild just get lost in your dreams. Inner Garden floating on a sea of melodies. One Time (Eyes Wide Open) swaying grooving and just letting loose. Peace close your eyes and dream. Book Of Saturday strumming guitar and emotional vocals. Exiles just take one amazing musical journey. Elephant Talk progressive funk jazz rock music People thumping bass steady drums catchy grooves with great vocals. Sleepless one strange mind trip.



Tim Morse – The Archaeological Project 2005-2020

Tim Morse- Guitar/Vocals/Keyboards/Bass/Drums, Mark Dean-Guitars/Drums/Bass/Percussion/Keyboard Bass, Rich Zeller- Vocals, Ami Romness- Female Choir, David Ragsdale- Violin, Jerry Jennings- Guitar, Jim Diaz- Bass - Gordon Stizzo- Drums, Nic Caciappo- Bodhran, Bret Bingham- Guitar/Vocals, Bruce Spencer-Drums, Hope Rogers Vocals, Andrew Glasmacher- Drums, Jay Leek- Fretless Bass, Oisin Mcauley- Violin, Charley Langer- Saxophone, Ruby Sketchley- Vocals


Guitar Etude 1 just kick back and float along. Apocalyptic Visions thumping bass pounding drums scorching leads and soaring keyboards. Adrift just let the melodies envelop your spirit. Rome soft emotional music that just pulls you into your dreams. Voyager take a trip back to the prog rock 70s and enjoy. Window just floating along in your imagination. Afterward soft melodies take you away on a mind trip. 200 Yards has a very jazzy bluesy feel that has you grooving along My Ally sitting with friends playing instruments and singing. Inertia lost in the depths of your dreams. The Mary Celeste soft piano and great vocals. The Marquis just a catchy jazzy tune. Dogs interesting Pink Floyd Cover version. The Corners lost in your imagination. My Ally (Radio Edit) a shorter version. Shatter screaming ;leads thumping bass pounding drums music that just sends shivers down your spine. Closer will have you swaying to the catchy melodies. The Last Wave one psychedelic mind trip. Present Moment (Original Demo) one great musical journey.



Paranorm – Empyrean

Markus Hiltunen - Guitar/Vocals, Fredrik Kjellgren – Guitar, Marcus Blom – Bass, Samuel Karlstrand - Drums

Critical Mass crushing riffs pounding rhythms screaming leads and gruff vocals. The Immortal Generation hit the pit slam sweat and mosh till you drop. Edge Of The Horizon crunchy riffs thundering bass pounding drums and dark vocals. Intelligence Explosion old school thrash metal madness. Cannibal shred you into small pieces. Empyrean eerie tones pull you into darkness. Lost Cause fist pump head bang and just shred. Desolate Worlds (Distant Dimensions) screaming shredding tearing it up death metal.



Acid Mammoth – Caravan

Chris Babalis Jr. - Guitar/Vocals, Chris Babalis Sr. - Guitar, Dimosthenis Varikos – Bass, Marios Louvaris - Drums


Berserker slow pounding grinding slithering metal stoner music just enjoy the trip.. Psychedelic Wasteland close your eyes and just take one amazing psychedelic mind trip. Ivory Towers rumbling bass grinding guitars pounding drums and interesting vocals. Caravan slithering slowly enveloping your very being dark music. Black Dust almost 9 minutes of stoner rock metal madness with tons of emotional musicianship.



Shepherd- First Hand

Holden Sims – Vocals/Bass, Austin Garrett - Guitar, Nathan Bilodeau – Drums


Sea Cave pulls you into the depths of your despair and madness. Chariot grinding slithers crushing riffs and emotional vocals. Wendigo hit the pit and mosh till you drop. Vestigial one strange musical journey. Persephone lost in your dark dreams of dementia. The West the pits of hell open and darkness envelops all.