The Xroadie Files

Ikitan – Twenty Twenty

Luca Nash Nasciuti- Guitar/Effects, Frik Et- Bass/Effects, Enrico Meloni- Drums/Cowbell


Twenty Twenty is an over 20 minute musical mind trip thru your imagination with some excellent musicianship with a psychedelic trip melodies style just drift along and enjoy.



Fairport Convention – Fame And Glory

Gerry Conway- Drums/Percussion, Dave Pegg -Bass, Simon Nicol -Guitars/Vocals), Ric Sanders -Violin, Chris Leslie-Vocals/Bouzouki/Mandolin/Violin. Guest Musicians - Martin Barre, John Wetton, John Helliwell, Dan Ar Braz, Alan Simon, Pat O’May, Andreas Vollenweider, Laurent Tixier, Jacqui McShee, James Wood & Dave Mattacks.


Castle Rock take one amazing music journey thru time space and your memories. Pilgrims sitting with friends around a fire singing and just enjoy the time together. Celtic Dream (Live) stand clap and let the melodies just envelop your very being. The Gest Of Gauvin take a trip back to the amazing prog folk rock of the 70s. Morgane (Live) close your eyes and drift. Dragon Breath sway groove and just let the magical music take you into your imagination. Laugh sing and let the melodies just pull you into your dreams. Behind The Darkness (Live) sway sing and just chant along. La Guerre Folle a happy tune that just takes you c back in time. Fame And Glory (Live) one glorious musical mind trip. Sacrifice soft melodies just envelop your senses. Danza Del Crepusculo dance sing and enjoy. Marie La Cordeliere strumming guitars singing and have a fun time. Duchesse Anne takes you back to the great folk rock of the 70s. The Soldier just let the music pull you into your imagination. Beltaine screaming leads steady rhythms and catchy riffs dance sing and shout. Fame And Glory drifting on a sea of melodies. Goodbye My Friends one emotional tune that just envelops your very soul.



Pipe Dreamer – No Solace For The Soulless

Zack - Guitar / Vocals, James - Bass / Vocals, Lex – Drums, Nate - Guitar / Vocals


Struggle And Strain slow grinding slithering rhythms were eerie vocals. Now Or Never just close your eyes and drift in your dreams. Brothers I low tones that envelop your very senses. Brothers II dark demented metal madness. Free From Fear Of Failure lost in the depths of your imagination. Go With Grace takes you mind on one strange musical trip. An Anxiety Arises darkness and despair envelop you.



Hinsides/ Monstraat – Split

Hinsides - Glaurung – Bass, Stian- Drums, Saksen – Guitar, Gravkald – Vocals


Fralst I Dodsstoten hell opens and devours all in its wake with dark dementia. Pa Jordelivets Sorgateg pounding thundering dark madness.


Monstraat – Jl – Instruments/ Vocals, JM – Guitar/Bass/Drums


When It Ends the bowels of hell drive you to dementia. The Layers Of Mortality thrashing shredding death mayhem.



Nirvana – Songlife 1967 To 1972

Patrick Campbell-Lyons, Alex Spyropoulos


Story Of Simon Simopath - Act 1- Wings Of Love bombastic psychedelic music with catchy vocals. Lonely Boy close your eyes and dream. We Can Help You take a trip to the pop psychedelia of the late 60s. Satellite Jockey just float on a cloud of melodies. In The Courtyard Of The Stars lost in your memories. Act II- You Are Just The One dance and groove the night away. Pentecost Hotel one catchy tune. I Never Had A Love Like This Before magic melodies envelop your being. Take This Hand just sing along. 1999 a very catchy tune.


All Of Us- Rainbow Chaser will just pull you into the dreams of your childhood. Tiny Goddess drifting in your memories. The Touchables (All Of Us) lost in the depths of your imagination. Melanie Blue close your eyes sway and sing. Trapeze clap groove and flow away. The Show Must Go On catchy melodies just envelop your very spirit. Girl In The Park magic melodies pull you into dreams. Miami Masquerade clap and sing. Frankie The Great will have you dance the night away. You Can Try It catchy sing along tune. Everybody Loves The Clown has a funky fee that will have you grooving and singing. St. John’s Wood Affair strumming and singing with great melodies.


Dedicated To Markos III / Black Flower - The World Is Cold Without You soft melodies pull you in. Excerpt From “The Blind & The Beautiful” just sing and enjoy the musical journey. I Talk To My Room take a trip back to the magical 60s. Christopher Lucifer sway groove and sing. Aline Cherie just soft melodies memories. Tres, Tres Bien strumming guitar and singing. It Happened Two Sundays Ago just a catchy 60s tune that sticks in your head for days Black Flower steady rhythms soft vocals with psychedelic classical overtones. Love Suite drifting in your dreams. Illinois just let your imagination take you away.


Local Anesthetic - Modus Operandi (Method Of Work) take a trip back to the 60s and let them music take your imagination away for over 16 minutes with some amazing musicianship and vocals. Home-(Salutation Construction Destruction Re-Construction Fanfare) over 19 minutes of great musical twists and turns that pulls u you into the depth of your dreams.


Songs of Love And Praise- Rainbow Chaser jazzy bluesy psychedelic melodic rock. Please Believe Me just kick back and float away. Lord Up Above lost in the depths of your imagination. She’s Lost It catchy rhythms with soft vocals. Nova Sketch just take one amazing musical mind trip. Pentecost Hotel drifting in your dreams. I Need Your Love Tonight soft and melodic tones envelop your senses. Will There Be Me take a trip back in time when music enveloped your very being. Stadium one classical oriented musical journey.


Secrets - Secrets (Intro) sway and chant. I Don’t Care just groove and trip along. Someone Stole My Mona Lisa close your eyes and trip away. Bingo Boy clap sing chant and groove. Living In A Blind Spot one interesting musical catchy tune. It’s Good To Have A Heart psychedelic 60s rock. In The Shadow Of That Old Love Affair jut sing clap and enjoy the journey. I Want To Touch / The Big Fight catchy rhythms will envelop your very being Two Of A Kind drifting in your dreams. Why Don’t You Like Me has a very do wop feel. Secrets (Reprise) grooving the day away. What You Do You Are catchy dance able music with sing along vocals. Chaser pulls you into your imagination and have you drifting along.