The Xroadie Files

Waking Dream- Peculiarities of Evolution!!!

Olga Karbusheva- Vocals, Aleksandr Kislyakov- Harmonica Aleksandr Imaykin-Guitars/Bass/Keyboards/Drums, Guitar - Mikhail Romanov- Guitar, Inna Hinkiladze- Violin


A Hit Song catchy riffs steady beats sing along vocals and crunchy guitars. Broken Heart a countrified rockabilly tune. Gift Frenzy stand clap sing shout and just rock. Peculiarities of Evolution clap your hands snap your fingers tap your feet and just enjoy the catchy melodies.



Jakethehawk- Hinterlands

John Huxley — Vocals/Guitar/Keyboards, Jordan Lober — Drums, Justin Lober — Bass/Vocals, Josh Emery — Guitar/Vocals


Counting slowly pulls you into the eerie melancholic depths of your imagination. Ochre And Umber fast riffs pounding drums thumping bass that changes pace as it slows f down with many emotions. Interzone Mantra take a strange trip into your minds eye. Still Life sitting around strumming guitars and singing with a very catchy groove. Uncanny Valley pounding drums thumping bass crunchy guitars and emotional vocals. June slow melancholic riffs searing leads steady rhythms with flowing vocals.



American Dharma – Cosmosis

Jesse Neal – Guitar, Chris McKinley-Vocals, James Hash-Bass, Mark Fleagle-Drums.


Ascension close your eyes and drift along in your dreams. Boundless slow grinding riffs pounding rhythms and emotional vocals. Damaged Coda slowly envelops you as it pulls you in with a catchy rhythm. Gemini fist pumping head banging riffs with pounding rhythms. Horizon crunchy riffs pounding drums thundering bass emotional vocals and crunchy guitars. Island crunchy grooves steady beats and excellent vocals. Life Vest stand clap sing shout and enjoy. Loose Ends drifting on a cloud of melodies. Lost And Found crunchy riffs pounding drums thumping bass with soaring vocals. Open Eyes envelops your very being. Polarity drift in your imagination. Talk To Me one interesting psychedelic jazzy tune. Temple slowly groove and let the emotions flow over you. You grinding riffs emotional vocals with crunchy riffs.



Hands of Attrition – Colder Places

Tom Alexander-Scott — Vocals, Anthony Austin-Smith —Guitar, Christopher Jenney — Guitar, James Brunskill — Bass, Dale Harrison — Drums


Consumed hit the pit slam sweat and mosh till you drop. From The Void fast hard and heavy punch you in the throat metal. Threadbare crushing riffs pounding rhythms and gruff vocals. The Becoming pulls you into the dark depths of madness and depression. They Come At Night thrashing shredding metal mayhem. I'm Gone the pits of hell open and demons pour forth devouring all. Leap Of Faith pounding drums growling vocals crunchy guitars and thundering bass. Subjugation moshing till exhaustion. The Only One pounding drums thundering bass with crushing riffs and growling vocals. More Than War pulls you into madness and mayhem. Nightingtale shredding thrashing tearing it up metal.



SARDONIC WITCHERY- Moonlight Sacrifice Ritual

KING DEMOGORGON – Guitar/Bass/Vocals, Special studio guests-Miguel Santos - Studio Drums, Chris Menta - Studio guitar solos, Nebo Budor – Intro (Moonlight Sacrifice Ritual)


Intro (Moonlight Sacrifice Ritual) melancholic tones and strange sounds envelop you. O Circulo Das Bruxas Perversas shredding guitars fast heavy rhythms with gruff vocals. Die For Satan thundering bass pounding drums crunchy guitars and powerful vocals. Infernal Kingdom slow grinding fist pumping meta madness. Licantropia hit the pit and mosh till you drop. Eterna Penumbra slams you against the wall as it punches you in the mouth. Misantropia thrashing shredding death metal music. Ancient Spirits shredding guitars thundering drums pounding bass and dark vocals.