KABBALAH - “The Omen” (Rebel Waves/Ripple, 2021, Pamplona, Spain)

I know I’ve probably said this before, but the dawning of the Age Of Aquarius is a time for peace, love, doing what thou wilt...wait... That isn’t where I was heading with this! But come to think of it, hold that thought, because it’s not a bad one.


In the meantime, I know I’ve said this before 😂 but the internet age and all that’s come with it has been a double-edged sword for me in my love of music. On one hand, its great because it’s opened up the world to a million more bands to ply their wares than ever before. On the other hand, it’s horrible because it’s opened up the world to a million more bands to ply their wares than ever before. See what I did there l? The point is, there are a whole lot more great bands getting material out...and a whole lot more awful bands and, probably worse yet, a whole lot more mediocre ones getting material out. I liken it to walking through the woods after 3 days of rain & slogging my boots through mud a foot deep trying to find one spot of dry trail.


Well, not to worry, weary internet hikers, you can pull up and rest your weary ears on this new sonic delight from the Spanish trio KABBALAH, “The Omen.”  And where was I? Oh yeah, “The dawning of the Age Of Aquarius.” See, I told you I’d work this shit in. I’m good at it. Somehow these 3 ladies have managed to forge late ‘60’s pop hooks the size of anchors to a garage guitar tone and then shored it up with doomy riffs that could’ve come out of Tony’s pre-Sabbath Earth. This has been described to me by a very wise man as “bubblegum doom.”  Now while that may sound amusing on first blush, trust me, there isn’t a goddamn funny thing about it. This album has been in my player on near constant repeat the last couple weeks, so infectious are its contents.


Yes, the contents. That’s what’s glorious about KABBALAH’s sophomore effort. It is such a wonderfully distilled half hour of music. With “Liturgy” being the only number to top the 4-minute mark, you’d probably wonder how there can be much happening here but songs like “Ceibas,” “The Ritual,” “Duna” and the aforementioned “Liturgy” unfold with such depth and melody that you’re drawn into their timeless space. Simultaneously, the icing on the cake and the mortar that ties all of “The Omen” together are those vocals. Carmen, Marga & Alba alternate & blend lead & harmony vocals together in such a way to produce what’s almost a brand new instrument of sonic beauty, weaving lyrical spells of ethereal darkness & uplifting light.


In short, this is a wonderful release & hopefully the dawning of the Age Of KABBALAH.



Carmen - vocals, drums

Marga - vocals, bass

Alba - vocals, guitar


-Ray Dorsey