The Xroadie Files

Hate – Save You

Enzo Vittoria-Bass/Vocals, Davide Faccioli - Guitar, Luca Lopez-Drums


Break It a catchy riff fist pumping head banging sing along tune. First Love slow slithering blues s riffs with emotional vocals and a steady beat. Doctor grab your air guitar and riff away and you sing and shout. The Choice clap shout groove and just let the musical emotions flow all around and thru you. Angel On The Run close your eyes and let the amazing musicianship pull you into your dreams. There’s No Lie catchy riffs great rhythms tight and solid with excellent vocals. Higher has a very Zeppelin feel to the music. On Fire classic southern rock metal magic. Hot And Dangerous on your feet clap fist pump groove and just have a blast. I’ll Be There the emotions just envelop your soul. Save You strumming guitars and soaring vocals.



16 / Grime – Doom Sessions Vol 3

16- Bobby Ferry-Vocals/Guitar, Alex Shuster-Guitar, Barney Firks-Bass, Dion Thurman-Drums


SIDE A - Tear It Down dark emotions pull you into Hades depths. Death On Repeat grinding crunchy riffs with interesting vocals and melancholic music. Nachzehrer slowly envelops your very spirit.

Grime- Marco-Vocals/Guitar, Paolo-Bass, Chris-Drums


SIDE B – Piece Of Flesh fast hard heavy death doom metal madness. Sick Of Life the pits of hell open and demons spew forth devouring all.



Baal Ravenlock – Bass/Vocals, Les – Guitars, Diabolizer - Drums


When You Are God shredding ripping tearing of your very being into small pieces. Axis Of Decay crunchy riffs pounding drums thundering bass with demonic vocals. Ye Olde Woods Devil lost in the mountains alone being chased by evil beings. Uroboros crushing riffs dark vocals with head pounding rhythms. The Butcher slashes and pounds you into dementia. Son Of Earth dark madness envelops your soul. In God’s Death just tray and survive the onslaught of mayhem. Soulrape dark musical madness. Blakk Metal shredding guitars dark growling vocals with eerie music.



Black Parable – Absinthe

Michel Anacker, Jan Rudolph, Julian Zieschang


Black Parable just let the music envelop your very spirit it as you groove along. Periphery stand clap fist pump to a tribal beat and crunchy guitar. The Life Inside head banging fist pumping solid drums thumping bass sing along metal. Hollow grab your air guitars and just rock out. Absinthe just flow with the crunchy riffs and catchy melodies.



Peter Hesslein – Night Drive

Peter Hesslein- Everything


CD1- TURN THE RADIO ON is a very jazzy bluesy tune that just pulls you into your imagination. SLOW DOWN A BIT close your eyes and dream the day away. FEELING HUNGRY drifting on a cloud of memories. LOOKING AT THE MOON take a trip back to the 70s and dance the night away. LONG WAY TO GO lost in the depth of your dreams. BLINDED BY THE LIGHTS just let the emotions envelop your senses. WINDING ROAD soaring organ catchy rhythms with great musicianship.


CD2-CLOSE TO MIDNIGHT will have you on your feet clapping grooving and enjoy the searing guitar leads. GETTING TIRED lost in your emotions. TIME FOR COFFEE catchy rhythms steady beats and lots of searing leads. A BEAUTIFUL NIGHT close your eyes and float on a cloud of memories. EXIT THE HIGHWAY pulsating rhythms scorching leads with memorable rhythms. CROSSING THE BRIDGE groove play air guitar and just drift along. HOME AGAIN catchy tune that sticks in your head for days. FALLING ASLEEP lost in your memories and melodies.