Tuesday, February 9, 2021

The Xroadie Files

Junior Wells – Blues Brothers

Junior Wells- Vocals, Guest Musicians- Colin James, Pat Travers, Tyler Bryant, Albert Castiglia, Mike Zito, James Montgomery, Harvey Mandel, Eric Gales, Kirk Fletcher, Guitar Shorty, Joe Louis Walker, Popa Chubby, Bernard Allison


Blues Hit Big Town a slow grinding bluesy number that just takes you away to a simpler time and space. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl on your feet rock n groove as the music just fells you with many emotions and great musicianship. Messin’ With The Kid will have the entire crowd on its feet dancing and enjoying the magical moments. Baby, Scratch My Back e great harmonica excellent bluesy riffs and vocals full of emotions. Worried Life Blues close your eyes and let your imagination take you away with some scorching leads soulful vocals and catchy harmonica. When The Cat’s Gone The Mice Play will have the entire crowd on its d feet dancing sing and grooving. Lovey Dovey Lovey One classic blues that just envelops you very spirit. You Gotta Love Her With A Feeling clap sway tap you feet and just enjoy the scorching leads. Two-Headed Woman catchy riffs steady rhythms soulful vocals and searing leads. Snatch It Back And Hold It clap your hands snap your fingers and sing. You Don’t Care just fills you full of great emotions and memories. It’s A Man Down There bluesy lead sand vocals that just send shivers down your spine. Hoodoo Man Blues close your eyes sway and dream the day away.



Evan Wardell – In Like A Lion Out Like A Light

Evan Wardell – All Instruments/Vocals


Getting Across sitting strumming guitars and singing. Love Song just close your eyes and let the emotions flow all thru you. Get By sitting around with friends playing guitar clap and singing. In Like A Lion Out Like A Light jut kick back enjoy and let the melodies and rhythms envelop your senses. Holding On has a very slow steady rhythm with acoustic h guitar and vocals. Healthy Wise Free lost in your memories and emotions. Wandering clap sing and let the emotions take you away. Giving Up on your feet clap groove and sing along. BLS emotional tones and textures just envelop you. With Teeth tap your feet clap your hands sway and just enjoy the melodies. Like a Ghost an amazing musical journey.



URFAUST – Teufelsgeist

VRDRBR- Drums, IX - Guitar/Vocals


Offerschaal der Astrologische Mengvormen just pulls you into your imagination as it takes over with some amazing thoughts and dreams and musicianship. Bloedsacrament voor de Geestenzieners lost in the dark recesses of your dreams and emotions. Van Alcoholische Verbittering naar Religieuze Cult take a mind trip into places hat you don't want to remember. De Filosofie van een Gedesillusioneerde lost alone frightened with emotions and despair. Het Godverlaten Leprosarium nightmars and thoughts od dread envelop your senses.



Locean – Top Ten Zen Meditations

Danny Watson – Drums , Ben Nield – Drums , Lauren Bolger – Vocals, Jefferson Temple – Guitar, David McLean – Bass, Ash Reid – Bass, Marion Mucciante – Keyboards, Neil Francis – Vibe


Coco Cola strange spoken words with eerie melodies. Clicking Fingers take a weird musical journey. Sprruce Bingsteen just let the music envelop you and take you into dark dreams. Twenty Zen lost in your imagination. Officer a jazzy lounge lizard psychedelic feeling tune. Forever Zen just drift along in your minds eye of eerie thoughts. Looking For Melody thumping bass pounding drums with spoken words. All Around Me a psychedelic tune that envelops your senses.



Robin Trower, Maxi Priest and Livingstone Brown - United State of Mind

Robin Trower – Guitar, Maxi Priest – Vocals, Livingstone Brown- Instruments


United State Of Mind a very bluesy soulful tune with tones of emotion. Are We Just People close your eyes and drift in your dreams. Hand to the Sky will have you on your feet grooving and swaying to one catchy tune. Good Day clap sing sway and just let the amazing musicianship envelop you. On Fire Like Zsa Zsa take a trip back in time to the late 70s and just let the music take you away in your memories. Bring It All Back To You slow bluesy emotional music that just lets you dream. Walking Wounded searing leads steady rhythms with soulful vocals. Sunrise Revolution soulful emotional music that lest you drift away. Where Out Love Came From close your eyes and let your imagination take you into the deep places in your mind.




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