Have You Seen Our Euro Webstore?

Have you seen our European webstore? It's seriously a can't miss for our European fans. Not only do you save money on shipping, you also get product faster and with less risk of it getting damaged. Seriously, check it out: https://en.ripple.spkr.media/


We've had this Euro store for a while now, but a lot of you guys are still buying from Bandcamp or the US shop. Here's the thing - we get the same cut from this store as we do Bandcamp. Really, we're just trying to pass on benefits to you, the fans.


So head over to check it out here: https://en.ripple.spkr.media/ do some shopping and tell us what you think, or if there's anything you'd change!

PS: More records are getting added to the Euro store all the time, so even if you've been before, check it out, you might find something new: https://en.ripple.spkr.media/