Monday, February 15, 2021

Fistful Of Doom 2020 Highlights Part 2

 Fistful of Tunes



     Let me start by extending my deep appreciation and gratitude to all the bands, artists and labels that have shared their art with us over the past year.  I am humbled by the sacrifices that you continually make on behalf of us the listener and in the name of your art.  I am deeply indebted to your willingness to lay before us your passion, blood, sweat and tears.  Thank you. 


     Without further ado, I bring you the highlights from 2020 (the year of the wart) that I have affectionately dubbed a Fistful of Tunes.  Thirty-five albums encapsulate 2020’s Fistful of Tunes.  They are listed in no particular order.  This is the second installment of ten that will be posting (note.. Honorable mention and the first installment of 10 posted previously).  The final ten will be posted in a couple of days.  I believe that they are all worth your time and money.  Enjoy!              



Orbital Junction- Egos and Instincts

Xibalba- Anos in Infierno

Sleepwulf- Sleepwulf

Dungeon Weed- Mind Palace Of The Mushroom God

Kitchen Witch- Earth and Ether

Bornwithhair- Smolenska

Stone Machine Electric- The Inexplicable Vibrations Of Frequencies Within The Cosmic Netherworld

Switchblade Jesus- Death Hymns

Earthdiver- Lord of the Cosmos

Dopelord- Sign of the Devil 


-El Pedo Caliente

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