Monday, February 22, 2021

Announcing The Ghost Road Fest!

6th November 2021 - London

7th November 2021 - Leeds


Ghost Road Fest is a multi city two day festival with a mission to offer opportunity to the UK’s most exciting up-and-coming bands, provide mentorship programmes, and paid work experience to young adults from underprivileged backgrounds who are interested in a career in the music industry.


The festival’s ethos strongly supports inclusivity, creativity, gender equality, and opportunities for the young.


The festival will offer proportional representation with a hope to stimulate the underground music scene post Covid-19. The two shows will help the up-and-coming bands gain a further reach with their music, and a chance to play to a larger and different audience outside of their hometown alongside national DJs performing at the events; opening doors to networking opportunities to artists, interns and audience members alike.




Ghost Road Fest encourages everyone who loves and has a passion for music to come along to an exciting, safe, inclusive festival in the name of live music.




Music by nature is creative, Ghost Road Fest solidly promotes the UK’s most exciting up and coming artists in an intimate environment.




Ghost Road Fest supports not only up and coming artists but creatives within the industry too by offering a mentorship programme and paid work experience. It opens opportunities for young people (18-25 years old) to work first hand within a live music situation at a festival inaugural year.


Gender Equality


Proportional representation is at the heart of everything Ghost Road Fest stands for, both artists and crew are fairly represented with an equal split throughout.




The festival aims to encourage young people to one day host their own events and work within the music industry.


Festival Partners



Blackstar Amplification


Piston Head Foundation

These Bloody Thieves

The Zine

Knight PR

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