The Xroadie Files

Moonlow – Who Are You

Dust – All Instruments and Vocals


Day 1 (You Have No Enemy) lost in the darkness of your imagination drifting endlessly. Day 2 (Can You Hear) the eerie tones and textures just envelop your very senses. Day 3 (You Diminish Me) floating in space time and darkness all alone for eons. Day 4 (I Am Digressing) being pulled into hell by dark demonic forces. Day 5 (Zero) stuck in a nightmare unable to awaken. Day 6 (And Then It Stops) close your eyes and let your imagination take you to strange places. Day 7 (The Birds Song) thumping bass that just rumbles your very being with strange sounds and vocals. Day 8 (Still Be) has a very classical influence with emotional vocals. Day 9 (The Sun Did Rise) soaring organ screaming vocals and eerie influences. Next Moonlow soft vocals and strumming guitars.



Antimozdebeast- II

Gabriel Palacio - Everything


Rebirth Of Sin has a catchy rhythm with some death like vocals. The Sky Unfurled pulsating keyboards and gruff vocal that just grab at you senses. Deafening Night takes your imagination into madness and dementia. Maladies Of The Mad mic prog with industrial death and rave strange combo. The Empire Decays just try and survive the nightmarish onslaught. Hapless History just get up groove and dance the time away. Anagram Of Repentance takes you on one interesting musical journey in madness.



Void Inn – End this Game

Jelena – Vocals, Sinisa – Guitar, Marko – Bass, Mrki – Drums


Dead of Night crunchy riffs thundering rhythms soaring vocals and scorching leads. End This Game stand sway fist pump head bang and just enjoy the trip. Hello Misery powerful melancholic music with great vocals. Just Another Day melodies just envelop your very being as the tune grows in intensity. Show Me What You Got heavy riffs pounding rhythms with powerful soul vocals and searing leads. Stay Young grab your air guitars and just fist pump head bang and rock out.



Deathless Dogs – Five Across The Eyes

Eddy Krogman- Guitar/Vocals, Dan Speer-Drums


Wages one strange musical journey that has you drifting along in your imagination. Broken Years southern swampy blues hard rock with great emotions. Scania strong steady beats with gruff vocals. Faceplant has a surf rock feel that takes you back in time. Bring It In kickin back in the bar just rocking out to the band on stage.



Tomorr- St

Mostro – Bass, Chero – Drums, J Meister – Guitar, Vocals


Kaba strange eerie music that pulls you into the depths of despair. Vargmal dark heavy music that will take you into the deep recesses of your very being. Varr lost in space time and floating alone with your thoughts. Grazing Land just try and escape the madness. Terra disharmonic riffs and rhythms with eerie vocals. The 1001 Windows Village slow grinding death stoner metal mayhem.