The Xroadie Files

Wreck Defy- Powers That Be

Matt Hanchuck- Guitar, Aaron Randall- Vocals, Greg Christian- Bass, Dave O'Neal- Drums


Beyond H8 thrashing riffs screaming guitars pounding rhythms with thrash style vocals just hit the pit and mosh till you drop. Powers That Be shredding guitars thundering rhythms fast hard ad heavy. Skin fist pumping head banging metal madness. Drowning In Darkness take a trip back in time when thrash metal ruled the world and just rock n roll. Space Urchin slam sweat mosh and fist pump till the last note rings out with some scorching leads. Scumlord just hang on for one wild metal ride and enjoy. Freedomless Speech fist pumping head banging thrashing shredding metal mayhem. Goodbye To Misery gruff vocals thundering drum thumping bass screaming guitars and great melodies. I Am The Wolf hard fast heavy shredding metal. On The Otherside just close your eyes and drift in your memories.



Ett Dodens Maskineri – Det Svenska Hatet

Daniel Garpebring – Vocals/Guitar, Aidin Razavi – Vocals/ Guitar, Erik Oyen – Bass, Andreas Thunmarker – Drums


Dodens Maskineri just take one strange mind trip in the dark places in your dreams. Leviatan pounding drums thundering bass screaming guitars and punkish vocals. Slavar Under Marknadsekonomin pulls you into the weird spaces in your imagination. Arbete Ger Frihet fast hard and heavy hit the pit and mosh till you drop. Sveg fist pumping head banging hardcore music. Trygghet & Tradition slam sweat and just thrash about. Roda Stugor Med Ruttnande Knutar shredding riffs pounding rhythms with a punkish feel. Det Svenska Hatet lost in the deep spaces in your minds eye. Lasta Dorrar feedback thrashing riffs with gruff vocals. Istid one interesting tune with some strange melodies. Stad I Ijus slam sweat and just mosh away. Memento Mori seeps into the weird places in your dreams.



Chris Manning – Destination

Chris manning – Guitar, Chris Hodges – Vocals, Max Salidi – Drums, Dan Hawkens – Bass, Guests Musicians – Bruce Kulick- Guitar, Chandler Mogel – Vocals, Rick Head – Bass


Sharp a catchy riff steady beat searing leads and emotional vocals. Get Me Out has a very sleazy blues feel that just envelops your very being. Start Over Now crunchy riffs pounding rhythms soulful vocals and scorching leads. Push close your eyes and just drift in your imagination. Came Out Alive has a riff that sticks in your head with some amazing vocals and great musicianship. Sovereign stand sway and just let the music envelop you. Ascendant one heavy groove just get up and dance. Implode stand clap shout sing and enjoy. Heart Of A Chance takes you away on a magical musical journey. Collider grab your air guitars and get ready to rock. To The Sixth Sun pulls you into many memories and emotions as the music flows all around and thru you.



Morpholith – Null Dimensions

Snæbjörn Þór Árnasson – Vocals, Víðir Örn Gunnarsson – Guitar, Hörður Jónsson – Guitar/Synths, Gestur Stefansson – Bass, Jónas Hauksson - Drums


Orb just close your eyes and drift along in your imagination on one strange musical journey. Monocarp lost in the dark recesses of your thoughts and nightmares. Just kick back and let all the emotions envelop your very senses.



Escarion – Pillars Of The Faith

Johnny Arhondis – Vocalis/Guitaris, Tommy Lewko – Guitarist, Tim Bottams - Drummer & Percussion, Rhys McKenzie - Bass


Inferno slowly slithers around you I until it grabs a hold and punches you in the throat as you try to survive. Envy crushing riffs pounding rhythm with dark demonic vocals. Gluttony hit the pit slam sweat and mosh till exhaustion. Lust fist pumping head banging death metal madness. Greed thrashing shredding the pits of hell open and spew forth demons. Pride dark dementia just overwhelms you. Wrath shredding thrashing death metal mayhem. Sloth just annihilates your very being. Home (Where the Heart Is) hard fast and heavy.