The Xroadie Files

Sun Of Grey- Outerworld

Freddy Allen -Bass /Vocals , Jim Merz - Drums , Ian Hopkins – Guitar


Dark Souls slow grinding riffs pounding drum slow rumbling bass with interesting vocals that just envelop your spirit. Jar Of Leeches dark eerie chords that just pull you into madness. Lucifer Smiled the pits of hell open and the father of all evil just slowly emerges. Outerworlds grinding stoner rock metal that just takes your imagination away with some amazing music and vocals. Silent Screams fist in the air head banging crunchy riff pounding rhythm psychedelic vocals music. Disease slowly pulls you into dark despair.



Massimo Pupillo- The Black Iron Prison

MASSIMO PUPILLO - Electric bass, electronics, synths, sampler.

My Inaugural Address At The Great White Throne Judgement Of The Dead taking one strange mind trip thru many musical journeys just kick back and try to survive. Pistis Sophia drifting in your minds eye imagination. The Great Tribulation close your eyes and let tour dreams take you away. The Black Iron Prison take a trip back in time when bands like Tangerine dream ruled the prog planet and just enjoy.



The Fuzztones – NYC

Rudi Protrudi – Vocals/Guitar/Harmonica, Lana Loveland – Organ, Eric Geevers – Bass, Marco Rivagli – Drums, Current touring members- Nico Secondini - Keyboards, Rodrigo Palavicino - Guitar , Vince Dante (Bernard Yin) - Guitar, Paul Rodas - Bass


New York, New York stand clap and just jump around. Flip Your Wig catchy riffs steady beats and memorable vocals. New Kind Of Rock just sway groove and sing. 53rd & 3rd take a trip back to the psychedelic late 60s. Psilocybe just drift along in your imagination. Skin Flowers dance sing and take a wild trip. High Tension Wire psychedelic rock that just envelops your spirit. Babylon crunchy catchy riff soaring organs with 60s vocals. Transmaniacon MC an interesting BOC Cover. The Man In Me will have the entire crowd on its feet grooving the night away. Let Me Dream clap sing and shout . Microdot just let the music pull you back in time. Not Anymore catchy riffs pounding drums thumping bass with excellent vocals. You Gotta Lose has a James Bond feel to the music just take one strange ride. Dancing Barefoot catchy groovy music that envelops your senses.



Fumarole – Valley Of Ten Thousand Smokes

Ryan Stewart-Drums, Dan Bartsch -Bass, Kurt Werder -Guitar/Vocals


Warcry fist pump head bang groove and just let he music pull you in. Valley crushing riffs pounding rhythms and gruff vocals. Desert Worms low rumbling bass pounding drums psychedelic guitars and interesting vocals with scorching leads. Mothership grab your air guitars and get ready to riff and head bang. Depth Dweller amazing drums thumping bass crunchy riffs stoner rock magic with some searing leads. Crucible excellent stoner rock that will just envelop your very being. Remote Controllers just pulls you into the depths of your imagination. Ghost Smoke thumping bass pounding drums crunchy riffs soulful vocals and screaming leads. Terra Supremia take a musical journey back in time and memories.



Alltar – Live At Ceremony Of Sludge

Nate Wright – Drums, Tim Burke – Guitar/Samples, Colin Hill - Guitars, Samples, Juan Carlos Caceres – Vocals/ Moog Synthesizers, Casey Braunger - Bass


Intro strange tones and band intro. Arcana takes you on one amazing mind trip that just never seems to end. Interlude pulls you into the darkness of nothingness. War Altar lost in your imagination. Ceremony of Sludge strange tones driving you insane. Cantilate darkness despair and madness.