Bandcamp Bonanza – 119

New year new me right? It’s been a while since I posted up anything at The Ripple Effect but I feel that itch scratching and with my exit from Social Media a few weeks ago I find my urge to share music remains a vital part of my routine. Here are several killer albums, among many that have graced my ears since we last talked. Some new, some old, but all fantastic in their own right.


Skinshape – Arrogance is the Death of Man


I ended up picking this album up on wax late in 2020 and turns out to be one of my favorite albums of the year. As with much of the albums on today’s list, this is pretty laid-back stuff. The soulful americana vibes are stellar swirling with a cosmic indie-psych. Surely worth a listen.



Brightwire – Cracked, Flawed and Frayed


Pretty excited to dive into this full release. Based on the preview tracks as well as the previous albums available on bandcamp this band has just what I crave with the alternating vocal duties, alt/country tone, down-home harmony and outlaw twang. FFO Drive-By Truckers, Magnolia Mountain, Uncle Tupelo, etc...



Apewards – PEAKS Vol. 1


These guys have the IT factor all of us heavy underground fiends crave. Throbbing rhythm section, progressive songwriting, soaring melody with soulful chops and never ending hooks. This is primo hard rock and the band instantly thrusts itself high up on my watch list.



Caitlin Harnett & The Pony Boys


This album has been in my wishlist for several weeks and the only thing keeping me held back is the shipping price. Some more lovely cosmic Americana laced country tunes from Australia no less. A style that I’ve gravitated towards more and more the smarter I get.



Tommy Guerrero – Sunshine Radio


I’d be lying if I told you I knew about Tommy Guerrerro’s extensive music catalog. He comes from skateboard fame, part of the legendary Powell Peralta’s original “Bones Brigade” where you all know Tony Hawk from. Anyway, this one popped up on a recommendation by bandcamp. The minute I hit play I was sold. I’ve since bought several of his records on discogs including a copy of this one which is not available to buy on bandcamp. You can find it online at various locations. Killer surfy Latin psych with some soulful funk.



The Family Township – Light Years


Quite blown away with the discovery of this band in late 2020, who seem to have been around a long time. Combining all of the above in terms of proggy, harmonious proto-metal, classic rock tone, dueling guitar mastery, and groove off the charts. Where have these guys been all my life?



Little Barrie & Malcom Catto


What a fantastic discovery. Like Lute said, this scratches all kinds of itches. This is at its heart a modern heavy psych record with a jazzy underlying funk, smoldering rhythm and infectious hooks. One of those bands that I couldn't leave without grabbing one of each record available. All their past material checks out too. Stoked.



Pearl Charles – Magic Mirror


I’m a sucker for the West Coast cosmic melodies. The steel guitar adds a healthy dose of atmosphere to the Hotel California esque harmonies and soulful pop sensibility.



Hard Times – Livin’ In The Past


Hard Times are among us and nothing cures the blues like Livin’ In The Past. This album is a revitalizing output of proto-metallic dirge complete with serrated tone, occult aromatics and retro groove.


-The Huntsman