The Xroadie Files

Deimler – Zero One

Luisma Romero – Bass, Oscar Trigger – Drums, Pako Deimler – Guitar/Vocals, Toto Castello – Guitar


Zero One the pits of hell open and demons spew forth devouring all. Indoctrinate shredding guitars dark vocals with thundering rhythms. Your Coffin dark dreams that devour your very being. Mechanical Universe Of Flesh just hit the pit and slam till you drop. Body Ransack thrashing ripping tearing of mind and body.



Cobra Spell – Love Venom

Alexx Panza – Vocals, Sonia Anubis – Guitar, Sebastian "Spyder" Silva – Guitar, Angelina Vehera – Bass, Mike "Lucas" Verhof – Drums


Come On Tonight crunchy fist pumping riffs powerful vocals with catchy rhythms and scorching guitar leads. Poison Bite stand as one in unison and just head bang the night away. Love Venom just let the emotions envelop your senses and pull you into your dreams. Shake Me stand shout foot stomp fist pump to soaring vocals crunchy catchy riffs and scorching leads.



Vazum – Vampyre Villa

Zach Pliska – Vocals/Guitar/Synth/Bass/Drums, Zachary Anderson – Guitar/Bass, Emily Sturm - Vocals/Bass


Embers strange vocals thundering bass with pounding drums. Rat stand clap foot stomp and just groove. Poison has a very Gothic new wave feel that just pulls you in. Under Darkness just hit the pit and mosh till you drop. Seven Times Lies hard fast heavy punkish hard rock. Glue pulsating music that just g drags you into dark dreams. Schema close your eyes and just drift. Lucille lost in the pulsating lights and sounds of a rave. Crystal drifting in strange places in your mind. In Night just taking a weird dream. Fall Down pulsating new wave Gothic musical journey. Captive Heart just float on a cloud of strange melodies. Brakes just take a strange trip in your imagination.



Black Angel- Kiss of Death

Matt Vowels – All


Kiss of Death Gothic metal music just envelops your very spirit as it pulls you into your imagination. Animal pulsating rhythms just take you into weird places in your mind. Alchemy stand clap bop slam and just enjoy. Call The Night lost in a place of sights sounds and mental dreams. Hurricane just fist pump head bang dance sing shout and groove. Want For More drifting in the recesses of your inner minds eye. Put Your Lips On Me is a very rockabilly catchy tune with Gothic overtones. She Said close your eyes and just float along. Prisoner is a very catchy tune that will-have you on your feet dancing the night away. Black Angel drifting in the dark places in your dreams.



Nehoda – But Anyways

Jeremy Gill – Drums, Grayson Papa – Bass, Patrick Nehoda – Guitar/Vocals


I Don’t Know slow bluesy stoner rock that just envelops your very being. Lies just close your eyes and drift away in your dreams. Devils Bitch pulls you into the deep recesses of your imagination and takes over. Shakey Pop is a very catchy riff with a rockabilly d feel just enjoy the trip. Walk Away sitting with friends playing guitar and singing. But Anyways lost in your imagination. Just Another Season one interesting musical journey. Afterglow bluesy emotional music that just pulls you in. Please Don’t Go just floating on a cloud of melodies.