Wednesday, August 12, 2020

The Xroadie Files

Woodscream – Bapeso (Varevo)
Valentina Tsyganova – Vocals, Maria Datsenko – Recorders, Zhalejka Alexander Klimov – Guitar, Denis Chervonny – Bass

Варево (Varevo) tribal drums soaring vocals and catchy rhythms that will just pull you into your imagination. Волчица (Volchiza) will stick in your head as you dance and sing and fist pump. Василиса (Vasilisa) stand sway groove and just enjoy this musical journey. Водяной (Vodyanoy) stand as one in unison and just rock out. Русалка (Rusalka) walking thru the woods in olden times just listening to the sounds. Круговерть (Krugovert’) melodies just emvelop your very soul as the crunchy guitars and soaring vocals take you over. Заложный (Zalozhniy) catchy riffs solid rhythms great musicianship and soaring vocals. Мавка (Mavka) just let the music envelop you and take you into your dreams. Калинов мост (Kalinov Most) fast hard heavy fist pumping metal magic. Прощание (Proshyanie) take a trip in your imagination.

Astral Glide- Flamingo Graphics
Shea Belflower – Guitar/Vocals, Sean Reynolds – Drums, Chris Schwartz - Bass ,Jason Vollmer – Vocals

Burnout hard heavy stoner rock that just grabs you and wont let go as it pulls you in. Scarlett on your feet groove fist pump and just enjoy the ride. Baptized swamp stoner rock music that just takes you away into your dreams. Work Horse crunchy guitars catchy rhythms steady beats and soulful vocals. Devastation close your eyes and drift away in your imagination. Space Machine interesting drums crunchy oi over driven guitars with thumping bass just rock n roll. Chains slow rumbling bass and pounding drums with crunchy guitars and soulful vocals. The Lake just take one amazing musical journey. Forever stoner rock music that just slithers along.

The Opium Cartel – Valor
Jacob Holm-Lupo – Multi Instrumentalist, Silje Huleboer- Vocals, Ole Øvstedal – Guitar/Bass, Bjørn Riis - Guitar, Lars Fredrik Frøislie - Drums, Ina A, - Vocals, Leah Marcu, - Vocals, Maria Grigoryeva - Strings, Ilia Skibinsky - Saxophone, Alexander Stenerud - Vocals

In The Streets flowing along with some amazing melodies that just pull you in and searing lead guitar. Slow Run close your eyes and just drift. A Question Of Re-entry floating thru the recesses of your mind. Nightwings on your feet and just dance and groove. Fairground Sunday soft tones and textures just pull you in. Under Thunder pulsating beat that just envelop your senses. The Curfew Bell melodies that just take you away in your dreams. The Maelstrom Of Stars close your eyes and let your imagination take over. Whats It Gonna Be interesting cover of a Ratt tune.

VÄKI - Kuolleen Maan Omaksi (Succumbed to the Dead Soil)
Lauri Annala – Vocals, Juho Hautaniemi – Guitar, Pekka Paavola – Drums, Jere Seppänen – Guitar, Jarkko Sillanpää - Bass

Vaisto - The Instinct the pits of hell open and just shred you into oblivion. Kuihtuvan maan puoliso - The Consort of the Barren Earth thrashing shredding ripping tearing of your senses. Ennustus - The Divination pulls you into darkness and despair Ikiuni - Eternal Sleep slithering heavy death draws you into madness. Painajaisten syleilyssä - Embraced by Nightmares lost in your nightmares alone and demented. Ikuisen kuoleman alttarille - To the Altar of Everlasting Death rips and tears you as it devours your soul.

The Hawkins – Silence Is A Bomb
Johannes Carlsson: Guitars/Vocals, Mikael Thunborg: Guitars, Martin Larsson: Bass, Albin Grill: Drums

Silence Is A Bomb an interesting bluesy soulful tune. Roomer has a punkish rock feel that just has you up and bopping to this catchy tune. Hilow on your feet fist in the air and sing along to one catchy song. Stones just rock n roll till you drop sing and shout along, Mynah hit the floor groove and just have a great time. Minuette short punchy tune. Cut Moon Bleeds bluesy with great emotional singing and playing. Libertine just a happy go lucky feel r good rock song. Stranger In The Next Room fist pumping foot stomping hard rock music. Black Gold sitting around strumming guitar and singing with friends. Fisherman Blues chugging guitars soaring vocals thumping bass with pounding drums. All My Birds Are Dead crunchy catchy riffs that will stick in your head for days.


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