Wednesday, May 27, 2020

The Xroadie Files

The Watchers – High And Alive EP

Tim Narducci -Vocals, Jeremy Epp -Guitars, Cornbread – Bass, Carter Kennedy -

Black Abyss crunchy chugging guitars thundering bass pounding drums and vocals that just grab your soul with searing leads. Just A Needle so slow heavy pulls you in as your imagination runs wild. Sabbath Highway a catchy crunchy guitar riff steady rhythms on your feet rock out and sing along as the music envelops your very being with some scorching leads. Starfire on your feet fist in the air head bang and move to the heavy groove.

Vinnum Sabbathi – Of Dimensions And Theories
Alberto -Guitar, Samuel -Bass, Mico Gerardo -Drums), Roman -Live Samples & Synth

In Search Of M-Theory crunchy riffs spoken words and strange sounds space rock style. Quantum Determinism close your eyes and be pulled into your deepest imagination. An Appraisal drifting thru space time and dimensions. Beyond Perturbative States drifting in the darkness of space all alone. A Superstring Revolution I pounding drums thundering bass crunchy guitars and eerie dark tones. A Superstring Revolution II continues the musical mind trip in your consciousness.

Black Pestilence- Hail The Flesh
Valax – Bass/Vocals/Samples, Daniel Toews – Guitar, Davey Hellfire – Drums

Hail The Flesh fast heavy hit the pit punch you in the throat speed death metal madness. Spurn All Gods hard heavy death metal mayhem. Hellfire low rumbling bass thundering drums crunchy guitars and growling vocals. True To The Dark fast hard heavy thrashing demonic music. Cloven Division the pits of hell open and demons spew forth devouring all. Godless thrashing shredding ripping tearing metal music. Frauds To The Throne chugging guitars thundering bass pounding drums and deep vocals. My Will To Power crunchy riffs pounding rhythms screaming guitars and chant along vocals. Emphemeral pulls you into the dark depths of your dreams.

Omniarch – St
Henry Geisbrecht, Jon Hofmann, Mackenzie LaHaye, Mason Wilson, Morgan Lambert

Caligula fast heavy riffs screaming vocals and thundering rhythms that just envelop your senses. A Voracious Awakening shredding guitars fast rhythms and vocals that just pull you in with dark emotions. Humanaut scorching guitars shredding vocals and riffs that just rip and tear at your being. Ohm Cairn hit the pit slam sweat and just get your aggression out. Wrath Of Erymanthos fast hard heavy death metal mayhem. Pathfinder shredding ripping tearing thrashing music. Ursa Major fist pumping head banging pit slamming metal madness.

Slap Guru – Umashi’s Odyssey
Valerio "Willy" Goattin- Vocal/ Guitar, Alberto Martin Valmorisco-Guitar, Jose Medina Portero- Drums, Javi Labeaga Burgos-Bass

Meeting The Mermaids soft melodies that you just drift along to. Acid One catchy riffs searing leads and an infectious groove with great vocals. Dark Militia heavy riffs pounding rhythms fast hard and memorable with soulful vocals. Sidereus Fatum close your eyes and float away. A Night With Its Spells slow bluesy music that envelops your very being. Erkil on your feet groove and sing. Who Can Say Its Night slow blues with some piercing leads that just draw you into your dreams. My Shadow Kills stand sway and sing. The Blind Polifemo on your feet groove sing clap and just enjoy. The Plastic Island a very interesting tune that will take you in different directions.


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