Wednesday, May 20, 2020

The Xroadie Files

Fantast – ST

Daniel Gschwendtner, Mario Gschwendtner, Georg Wolfmayr

Defending Lines strange words pulsing beats and interesting pulsing tones. Fabrics has a funky beat that just envelops you as it pulls you in. Example hip hop dance rave music. Dear slow jazzy bluesy disco hip hop MoTown.

Benevolent Like Quietus- Kill The Bliss
Ryan Spencer – Drums, Daniel Louden-Vocals, Ty Frederick-Guitar, Matt Springer-Guitar, Killian Murphy-Bass

The Beginning Of An End eerie keyboards envelop you as the crunchy tiff and pounding beat melds in with gothic vocals. My Favorite Enemy has a very catchy riff and solid beta that will take you over get up and rock out. The Great Divide fast fist pumping heavy metal madness. Soil Of The Grave melancholic tones just surround you then a crunchy riffs pounding rhythm and great gothic vocals. The Rise And The Fall has a very catchy riff fist pumping head banging t sounds just take over your senses as you sing along.  Mad World ethereal keyboards searing leads emotions just flow thru you close your eyes and drift. Where Dead Hearts Reside grab your air guitar and just rock n roll. Loves Inferno interesting leads just swirl all around then a foot stomping hand clapping sing along tune takes you over. Dawn Of Rust catchy rhythms great riffs and excellent vocals jus enjoy. Darkness Collides fist pump head bang and just sing and shout. A Voluntary Disease rumbling bass crunchy guitars pounding drums and gothic style vocals.

Erki Parnoja – Leva
Erki Parnoja- Everything

Maa just close your eyes and let the melodies flow thru your dreams. Fatigue prog rock that will take you back to the 70s with a jazzy influence. Leva drifting thru your dreams and emotions. Island alone on an island with your love just spending the days loving each other. Eha melodic guitars and other instruments just envelop your soul. Soledad soft tones and textures with emotional vocals. Saudade some excellent acoustic guitar work and interesting vocals with some melodic tones.

MORTEM ATRA- A Dark Lament
Takis Antoniou – Vocals, Christina Papadjiakou - Keyboards /Vocals, MariosGavrielides – Guitar, ValantisPavlou – Guitar, ArisIoannou – Bass, Antonis Papas – Drums, (TasosBratsos) album Drums

A Dark Lament Prologue a dark classical tune with spoken words that just pulls you into your imagination. Frozen Illusion crunchy chugging guitars thundering bass pounding drums and screaming/growling vocals. The Puppet eerie sounds take over your dreams then pull you into nightmares. A Voice melancholic guitars with searing leads just envelop you as the powerful rhythm surrounds and devours. Evil Rise tribal drums crunchy guitars thumping bass fist pump and head bang along. Hymn Of Doom the eerie tones just envelop your senses as the pull you into darkness and despair. In Superstitious Breath great vocals crunchy chugging guitars powerful rhythms just take a strange musical journey. Mirror melancholic music soaring vocals and majestic emotions fill you. Harmful Obsession just be pulled into your darkest dreams and emotions. Depressed chugging guitars pounding rhythms classical vocals that just take you away into your imagination.

Untitled With Drums – Hollow

Play With Fire eerie crunchy rhythms that just pull you in as it grows in intensity. Passing On has a slow rhythm that just envelops you as the darkness takes over your senses. Stasis has a catchy groove that has you on your feet swaying and singing. Amazed strumming guitar and vocals melancholic tune that just swallows you up. Silver stand clap fist pump foot stomp and let the music flow all around. Hex searing leads that just pierce thru you with a steady rhythm that just envelops you. Consider disharmonic tones that just pulls you into your strangest dreams. Resolve close your eyes and just drift. Heirs low rumbling bass pounding drums and interesting guitar chords that just make your imagination take off. Strangers on your feet sway sing and just let the music take over your emotions.


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