Thursday, May 7, 2020


The ultimate ‘mixtape’ to help get you through Covid-19 isolation.

We wanted to put something out there to share some love at the moment, to give a bit of an escape to everyone in this absolutely bizarre time that we all find ourselves in.

So here it is! A 100% free compilation with just over 200 songs! All the tracks have been donated and used with permission. If you dig a song, please check out the band, ‘Like’ their Facebook page, let them know and share the love with others.

There are songs crossing all sorts of genres including psych, fuzz, stoner, grunge, doom, sludge, punk, hardcore, grind, death, thrash, heavy rock, garage, a few acoustic tracks for good measure, and more.

Massive thanx to all the bands involved, as well as a few others that have helped reach out to bands they work with and do amazing things in the industry, including:

    Chris Maric (Maric Media)
    Warren Gibson (Plug Music Agency / Mongrel Records)
    Anthony Blayney (Your Mate Bookings)
    Richard S Jones (Sheltered Life PR)
    Tim Price (Collision Course)
    Dan Williams (Wild Animals Records)
    Jeff Byrd (Pig Baby Records)
    Désirée Hanssen (Lay Bare Recordings)
    Nadia Lloyd (band management)

+ Mike Foxall (The Art Of Fox - for the ‘No Gigs Does Not Have To Mean No Music’ Album art)

and as this turned into such a massive undertaking, anyone I have forgotten, thank you.

No Gigs Does Not Have To Mean No Music features an absolute massive amount of incredible songs! It got completely out of hand, in an absolutely amazing way.

Some worth mentioning are:

    Brand new tracks from The Sonic Dawn, The Black Heart Death Cult, Desert Storm, Daemon Pyre, Camel Driver, Godzillionaire, Turtle Skull, Trippy Wicked & the Cosmic Children of the Knight, VVARP, Count Devious, Dyssidia, The Vendettas, 1000mods, Crystal Ignite, Dust Lord, Lunatic, Maya Mountains
    New and previously unreleased tracks from House of Broken Promises, BRUCE!, Monarchus, Motherslug, Heavy Roller, GRIMRUINER, Birdcage, Cosa Nostra, John E. Vistic and Black Cactus
    Previously unreleased tracks from Warped, Seedy Jeezus (unreleased mix), Meat Cake, Blunt Shovel, Summonus, Planet of the 8s, The Frees, Bagful of Bees
    Covers from Switchblade Jesus (Who Was In My Room last Night – Butthole Surfers) and Our Last Enemy (Spitfire - The Prodigy).

As well as the amazing talent across the entire list of bands involved, the compilation also includes a few names worth giving a mention to as all band members aren’t listed, they include:

    Svetlanas with Nick Oliveri (Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age, Mondo Generator, Dwarves, Desert Sessions, BL’AST, Vista Chino, Bloodclot, Moistboys)
    The Freeks with Ruben Romano (Fu Manchu, Nebula)
    Yawning Man with Mario Lalli (Fatso Jetson, Orquesta Del Desierto, Ten East, The Sort of Quartet, Desert Sessions) and Gary Arce (Big Scenic Nowhere, Fatso Jetson, Ten East, The Sort of Quartet)
    Gary Lee Conner (Screaming Trees)
    Albatross Overdrive with Mark Abshire (Fu Manchu, Nebula)
    House of Broken Promises and Death In Pretty Wrapping with Arthur Seay and Mike Cancino (both from Unida).
    Godzillionaire with Mark Hennessy (Paw)
    Bagful of Beez and Tomorrow People with Link Meanie (The Meanies, Sun God Replica, The Bakelite Age, Meuscram, Egos)
    Penny Ikinger with Deniz Tek (Radio Birdman, The Visitors, New Race).

The bandcamp download of the compilation comes with an accompanying PDF that includes a full list of the bands, track info and links. If you'd prefer to stream the release but would like a copy of the PDF, please DOWNLOAD PDF HERE.

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