Wednesday, February 12, 2020

The Xroadie Files

Lonescar -  Lust For The End
Michael Perez – Guitar, Mike Gonzalez – Bass, JC Hernandez – Drums, Brian Valdibia – Vocals,

Gluttonous to the Core eerie guitar chords pierce the airwaves then a punch in the gut metal mayhem song ensues. Undead Assembly crunchy riffs pounding rhythms and gruff vocals. Means to an End hit the pit slam sweat and mosh away. Life is Suffering a marching style riff pounding drums thundering bass and rough vocals. Revolution Now fist pumping head banging metal madness. Self-Led thundering drums thumping bass crushing riffs and gruff vocals just assault you. With Your Martyr Self moshing thrashing shredding music. For Envy's Sake shredding guitars thundering rhythms and rough vocals take you over. Images from Mauthausen fast heavy shredding thrash metal. All is Vanity just hang on for the thrashing ride of your life. Lust for Her End has a very catchy riff pounding rhythm and gruff vocals.

CRS  - The Collector Of Truths
Sir Oz – Vocals, Francisco “Chucky” Oroz -  Guitarist/Bassist, Joseph Lev - Guitarist/Bassist, Tavo Ramirez – Drummer

Asfixia chugging riffs dark vocals pounding rhythms.TanLejos de Dios ( Nowhere … But Here) crunchy riffs pounding rhythms death metal growls ripping and shredding. Kill My Name hit the pit slam sweat and just get all your aggressions out. The Art of Breathing stars off very jazzy with lots of melody then a crushing riff and thunderous rhythm. Resistencia fast heavy death metal madness. The Daydreamer´s Nightmare melancholic tones just envelop you before a fist pumping riff kicks in. A Better Place to Hate industrial death metal mayhem. I´m the Universe eerie riffs and solid fast rhythms just slam you against a wall.

Murder Van – ST
Skraw - Guitar/Vocals, Josef Dengele – Drums, DeathRay– Bass

At Dusk strange sounds the crunchy riffs pounding rhythms screaming guitars and thrash metal vocals. Webs Of Discontent hit the pit and mosh till you pass out. Death Rider thunderous rhythms crunchy guitars screaming leads and gruff vocals. Lurid Dreams fist pumping head banging thrash metal madness. Dead Hookers shredding thrashing moshing metal. Murderous Desire fist pumping had banging foot stomping rhythms and shredding guitars with thunderous bass. Vengeance crushing riffs pounding drums thumping bass and gruff vocals. Creeping Nuclear Death old school thrash meta mayhem.

SxWxP – Trans Am Jams
Dave Byrant – Vocals/Guitar, Scot Smith- Guitarist, Freddy “The Hitman” Griesbaum: - Bassist, Dave Redlin – Drummer

Trans Am Jams sound of a car racing. Rising Tides has a very BLS feel with tons of emotional music and catchy vocals. Closing Time chugging riffs pounding rhythms and rough vocals just hang on for a wild ride. I Tried let the heavy groove just envelop your senses with some scorching leads. Cup Of Sorrow southern metal madness with some great musicianship. Fallen Angel swampy southern mixed with Sabbath guitar then fist pumping head banging riffs. Drink Till I Die just close your eyes and drift away then kick it in heavy and hard with some catchy riffs. From Day One fist pumping psychedelic guitar that just pierces your soul with a heavy fist pumping rhythm.

Hi Jack – Rank And File
Ron Terrell –Drums, Max Liam – Vocals/Guitar,

Better Now pounding drums crashing guitars with a punk flavor. I Don’t Want To See You chugging guitars pounding drums screaming vocals. TFBIWW (Explicit) catchy riffs pounding rhythms just get in the pit and mosh. TFBIWW (Radio) clean version for radio.


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