Fistful of Tunes - New Single Debut From Otto Kinzel!

Ladies and gentlemen I would like to present to you the first single from the 2020 solo campaign of Otto Kinzel (Dust Prophet; Skin Drone).  "I Bleed For You" is hypnotically aggressive and will leave you slightly disturbed, but thirsting for more.

Inspired by the still unsolved murder of Karina Holmer (AKA The Swedish Au Pair Murder), in mid-90's Boston. This was originally written to be a part of the short film A DREAM OF DISTANT SKIES (brilliantly directed by Russell James and his film company Neptune/Teletron).

The music video uses excerpts and unused footage from the short film to create the feeling of the soon-to-be female victim being stalked by an obsessive perpetrator.


Otto Kinzel said…
You can download the song for FREE at my Bandcamp page: