Wednesday, November 27, 2019

The Xroadie Files

Nox Irae – Here The Dead Live
Herostratos -  Vocals, Damien – Bass, Fred – Guitar, Jerome – Drums

Phantom Parasite Trauma fast heavy shredding rip your face off death metal mayhem. All Is Over hit the pit and just slam away all your aggressions. Knife Under Throat chugging chainsaw riff thundering bass pounding drums and dark demonic vocals. Cold Wind slow eerie tones that just slice you into small pieces before they just mash you into oblivion. Primordial Lie crunchy riffs thundering rhythms that just pummel you into the ground. Supposed Dead hard heavy thrashing shredding slicing and dicing of your brain.

Pencey Sloe – Don’t Believe Watch Out
Diane Pellotieri, Clement Baptiste, Valentin Beaucort

Lust Of The Dead eerie music that just envelops your senses and pulls you into a dark place n your mind. Buried Them All slow plodding drums and guitars riffs with lumbering bass and vocals that just pierce thru you. All Ok close your eyes and let your imagination flow into dark places. Don’t Believe Watch Out eerie tones that envelop your senses as they take you into a dark abyss. Gold And Souls steady beats melodic guitars and thumping bass with soaring vocals. Sins dark dreary music that will have you looking over your shoulder. Empty Mind drifting thru the deep recesses of your mind. Follows melancholic tones that just take your imagination away. Bright Water slow drifting melodies that just pull at your heart. 17 Springs eerie catchy enveloping music and emotional vocals.

The Rightly So – Vandura
Jess Chizuk – Vocals/Guitar, Greg Zeis – Guitar/Vocals

Black And Blue take a trip back to the folk rock of the 60s and just enjoy. You Can Bet On Me grab your guitars and just play along with one catchy folk rock tune. Honest Kind Of Peace close your eyes and just drift along. Ball And Chain soaring organ soulful vocals and strumming guitars. All These Things just drift along in your imagination. Dying Day a musical trip back to a simpler time and place. Devils Work strumming guitars soulful folky vocals that just gar your senses. Nothing But The Weather soft melodies just let your imagination flow along. Good Luck And Godspeed soft guitar melodies and soulful vocals. The Lucky Ones sitting around strumming your guitar and singing with friends. Not Coming Home a countrified folk tune with tons of emotion.

Blacktop Mojo – Under The Sun
Matt James – Vocals/ Nathan Gillis – Drums, Ryan Kiefer – Guitar, Matt Curtis – Bass, Chuck Wepfer – Guitar

Lay It On Me on your feet moving to a catchy heavy groove and just rocking out. Set It Free crunchy riffs powerful vocals and a solid rhythm. Come Get Your Coat scorching leads pounding drums thundering bass and very soulful vocals. Keep will have the crowd on its feet swaying and singing along. It Won’t Last slow bluesy guitars and emotional vocals that just pierce the soul. All Mine Now fist pumping head banging slow and steady heavy metal magic. Can’t Sleep melancholic guitars just slide along and grab your imagination with some thumping bass and pounding drums add soulful vocals and you have one memorable tune. The Lashing (Ghost) just close your eyes and drift along with one excellent tune. The Void strumming guitars powerful vocals that just take over your senses. Under The Sun heavy riffs pounding rhythms scorching leads and emotional vocals.

Toxikull – Cursed And Punished
Lex Thunder – Vocals/Guitar, Michael Blade – Guitar – Antim The Viking – Bass/Vocals, Garras – Drums

The Summoning Pit sounds of a storm with scorching lead guitars that slowly build. Cursed And Punished shredding guitars thundering bass pounding drums and soaring vocals just hang on for a wild ride. Sacred Whip bells chiming and spoken words then a fast as hell thrash speed metal crushing tune. Killer Night fist pumping head banging soaring vocals crunchy guitars and thundering rhythms. Helluminate get out the air guitars and just thrash about and enjoy. The Revival screaming vocals spoken words and searing guitars. Rising Dust chugging riffs pounding beats thundering bass scorching leads and soaring vocals. Dark Glory fist in the air thrash about metal madness. Speed Blood Metal hit the pit and just let all your aggression out. In The Name Of Evil searing leads thundering rhythms soaring vocals that just pull you in and won’t let go.


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