Wednesday, November 20, 2019

The Xroadie Files

Horror God – Cursed Seeds
Sergey Borisov  - Guitar/Bass, Pavel Smirnov – Guitar, Max Stepanov – Vocals, Lev Kurgansky – Drums, Kevin Hufnagel – Guest Guitar Solo (They Were Behind The Barbed Wire)

Cursed Seeds eerie disharmonic guitars slither all around your senses before the aggression slaps you in the face. Age Of Madness crunchy guitars that just slice at you with pounding rhythms and thundering bass along with dark demonic vocals. They Were Behind The Barbed Wire a slow steady riff that just slides along the ground at you with deep growling vocals and thundering beats. We Built these Walls Ourselves grabs you and pulls you into the dark black abyss of nothingness. Sunset lost in the darkness of your dementia. Face Of War emptiness ad fear surrounds you. Throne aggression and hatred just annihilate your soul.

The Narrator – Dark Rails
Fabi – Vocals, Tom – Guitar/Vocals, Jan – Guitar, Rob – Bass/Vocals, Fritz – Drums
Guest – Jay Kucera/ Christoph Koterzina

Palisades crunchy guitars pounding beats thundering bass and growling vocals. Rails hard heavy music that just grabs you and slams you into a wall over and over. Renegade hit the pit and just mosh till it hurts. Average chugging riffs pounding rhythms and hoarse vocals. Dark pounding crunchy riffs that just pull you into the pit.

The New Death Cult – ST
Alpha – Vocals/Guitar, Beta – Guitar, Gamma – Bass, Delta – Drums

Light Spills Over fast heavy riffs that just pull you in with a solid beat and excellent vocals. Zeitgeist thumping bass pounding drums crunchy guitars and sing along vocals. True Eyes has a very catchy riff that just envelops you. Moon strange chords just slither all around with a pounding beat and sing along vocals. The War a slow melancholic tune that just takes over your senses. Blood Of Babylon get on your feet and just rock out. ColoursOf The Mind low bass catchy riffs and solid beats. Home has a very interesting twist to it with a crunchy guitar riff. Edel just close your eyes and let the music envelop you.

Kelly Carmichael – Heavy Heart
Kelly Carmichael – Guitar/Vocals, Jesse Schultzberger – drums

Shadows Will eerie tones envelop you with some interesting vocals and pounding drums. Desires Tragedy just close your eyes and let the music take your imagination away. Soupers classical piano stylings with melancholic emotions that just flow thru your senses. The Palmist heavy dark emotions just slide all around and take you over with some very doomy music. The Way She Heals melancholic guitars just worm their way into your soul with a steady beat. Vine Of The Soul has a very catchy riff and some interesting vocals. Starless Divine kicking back with friends having a few brews and listening to the band on stage. Heavy Heart on your feet sway and groove to the music as you sing along. 

Skanska Mord – Blues From the Tombs
Janne Bengtsson – Vocals/Harmonica, PatricCarlsson – Bass, Petter Englund – Guitar, PatrikBerglin – Guitar, Thomas Stromberg Jonsson – Drums

Snow on your feet and just move to the catchy bluesy groove and searing leads. Simon Says has a groove that will just grab you and not let go till the last note. Edge of Doom a slow slithering bluesy tune that just envelops your soul. The Never Ending Greed takes you back to the late seventies and the great blues base hard rock of the time. Blinded By The Light close your eyes and let one very emotional tune take you away with some great musicianship and soulful vocals. Sun psychedelic acid blues rock that just has you drifting along. Death Valley Blues swing sway and just let the music envelop your very soul. The Coming Of The Second Wave on your feet fist in the air and just take a very emotional trip thru one magical tune.


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