Wednesday, August 7, 2019

The Xroadie Files

Face Without Fear – Deliverance (Single)
Kenny Hoyt – Guitar/Vocals, Tripp Eisen – Guitar, Dante – Guitar/Keyboards, T.J. Cooke – Drums/Percussion

Deliverance swirling keyboards chugging chainsaw guitars pounding drums and industrial vocals just get up dance and grove along.

Vince Guarnere – Ancient Medicine
Vince Guarnere – Vocals/Guitar, Jim Collalto – Guitar, Ross Fredenberg – Bass, Mike Fiske - Drums

Rock Will Roll On straight ahead rock and roll just get up groove and sing along as you enjoy the melodies. New Attraction has a very catchy riff that just takes you over. When I Want Love slow bluesy rock that just makes you sway and sing along. (Carry On) All That’s Left Is Time soft melodic guitars float thru the airwaves searing leads pierce your soul and very soulful vocals just kick back and drift along. Go Away nice melodies just envelop you then a get up and dance beat kicks in. Move On great bluesy catchy riffs that just has you grooving a till the last note with some scorching leads. Nightmare just close your eyes and let your imagination take over. Reachin’ just stand sway and move to the slinky bluesy rhythm as you close your eyes and drift to the searing leads. Only A Moment Away melodic guitars and soulful vocals. Back Of Your Mind catchy riffs full of melodies that just take you on a musical trip. Tabloid Boy hard bluesy rock that just grabs at your very soul.

Imperial Age – Compilation
Alexander Osipov - Vocals, Jane Odintsova - Vocals, Anna Moiseeva - Vocals, Belf - Bass, Max Tallion – Drums, Pavel Maryashin - Guitar

The Legacy Of Atlantis majestic powerful music that just garbs you and takes you on a magical musical journey with amazing musicianship and soaring vocals. And I Shall Find My Home fast heavy melodic speed metal symphonic metal. Anthem Of Valour emotional music flows thru and around you as it seeps into your very soul. Aryavarta emotional melodic guitars just envelop you with powerful vocals and screaming leads. The Monastery take a trip back to times of dragon’s wizards kings and knights just enjoy the ride. Death Guard excellent symphonic metal that just seeps into our very soul. To Mega Therion a great version of the Therion classic.

Fraudprophets – Poptosis
Sean Halley - All Instruments, Nate Morton – Drums

I Think I Just Said That just kick back and enjoy some jazzy funk music that will have you up and grooving along to some great musicianship. Scrubs just pure jazzy rock that will take you to some strange places. Homers Journey slowly builds and take your imagination far away. Moths And Mosquitoes jazz fusion blues with some strange twists. Eat A Frog jazzy bluesy rockabilly music just hang on for the ride. Sad People Music a slow moody over eight minutes of deep emotional musicianship. The Phlebotomist heartfelt jazz blues leads that just pierce your soul. Skronktastic is more of a metal meets prog meets bluesy jazz just enjoy the various emotions it brings you. The Climb just close your eyes and drift along. Two Steps Back jazzy bluesy music that just makes you get up and sway.

Antagonizers Atl / Crim / Noi!se / Rude Pride – 4 Way Split
(Antaganizers Atl) Bohdan Zacharyj – Vocals, Richard Henderson – Guitar/Vocals, Billy Fields – Bass, Eric Antell - Drums– Marching On punkish new wave music that just has you up and bopping along. (Crim) –Adri – Guitar/Vocals, Quim – Guitar, Javi – Bass, Marc – Drums -  Alerta, Alerta ! crunchy guitars pounding beats just get up and slam dance as you bop and sing along. (Noi!se) – Matt – Vocals/Bass, Nate – Vocals/Guitar, Jesse – Guitar, Kenny – Drums - Lies screaming guitars fast beats just hang on for a wild punkish ride. (Rude Pride) – Miguel – Vocals/Keyboards, Carlitos – Bass, Anxo – Drums, Julen – Guitar, Alex – Guitar -   Never Forget catchy chugging guitars fast beats and great melodies.


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