Friday, August 9, 2019


The Ripple Effect is thrilled to present to you the world premiere of the new EP by UK's The Brood!

Born from the steaming entrails of a deviantly multicultural London, The Brood assembles the worst depraved souls of Spain and England.

Grinding hardcore tainted with hints of dirty punk, filthy death and evil black metal, The Brood will burn your ears, mash your brain and turn you into a rabid, head-banging monkey.  A fusion of pummelling blastbeats, grinding hardcore, ​blackened metal with an underlying spirit of punk rock flowing through it all!​

No colour, no gender, no fads. Embrace The Brood. Grind is love.

Check out the world premiere below

Band Members
Iain Scott - Vocals
Aitor Gazzoline - Drums
Donnie Burgess - Bass
Nando Thommessen -Guitar
Senen Garcia - Guitar

Digital EP: 16/8-2019​
7"-vinyl (LTD.): TBA​

1- Democratic Warfare​
2- The Ungrateful Deceivers​
3- Minotaur​
4- Buried​


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