Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Festival to Blow Your Ears and Your Mind! Bowling and Beers in Hell 9/6-9/8

Heavy San Jose doesn’t mess around when it comes to putting together insane lineups of underground metal bands of many metal sub-genre for a festival. They are at it again, and this thirds installment of their underground metal festival, Beers in Hell, may be their most adventurous one to date!

With more metal than you can shake a stick at, attendees will be treated to black metal, sludge, stoner, hardcore, gritty blues, thrash, prog, doom…the list goes on. 3 days, 25 bands, 2 stages, bowling, local craft beer, and it’s all ages! Did you say “bowling”? You got that right! Bowling, beer and metal— take those elements, mix them all together, and you have a weekend festival that will be one for the history books!

FRIDAY 9/6: 8:30 PM - 1:00 AM

The Bad Light (Santa Cruz, CA)

Cosmic Reef Temple (Santa Cruz, CA)

Infinite Sleep (San Jose, CA)

Old Blood (Los Angeles, CA)

Solar Haze (Los Angeles, CA)

Robots of the Ancient World (Portland, Oregon)

SATURDAY 9/7: 5:00 PM - 1:00 AM

Brain Death (Benicia, CA)

Chrome Ghost (Sacramento, CA)

Dolores (San Jose, CA)

Doors to No Where (Santa Cruz, CA)

Earth Crawler (Livermore, CA)

Grimace and the Fakers (San Jose, CA)

Horseneck (Sacramento, CA)

Mothers Worry (San Jose, CA)

Pound (Seattle, WA)

Shotgun Sawyer (Auburn, California)

Turn Me on Dead Man (San Francisco, CA)

SUNDAY 9/8: 5:00 PM - 11:00PM

Disastroid (San Francisco, CA)

DØNE (Salt Lake City)

Hippie Death Cult (Portland, OR)

HTSOB (Oakland, CA)

Holy Grove (Portland Oregon)

KOOK (San Jose, CA)

Phantom Hound (Oakland, CA)

The bands might not be all local, but the guest breweries are all from Northern California. Alvarado Street Brewery has been cranking out some of the best IPAs in the world. Yes, the world. Forget the world-famous aquarium, beer hounds make the pilgrimage down to Monterey Bay just to visit Alvarado Street.

Quite possibly one of the most metal-loving breweries in the Western States, Ghost Town Brewing in Oakland is making a name for themselves by brewing up some of the best beer you can find in the Bay Area. Now that’s saying a lot! They also support local music, are a group of metalhead themselves, and put that heart of darkness into everything they brew!

Last, but certainly not least, Laughing Monk is a shining light in the San Francisco beer scene. Any place that lives by the motto “laughing, libations, adventure” has got to be pretty incredible. They believe that at the center of every community is that glass held high, bringing together locals and travelers alike to share stories and laughter over delicious beer. They are local and they support local!

This is the metal underground, but many of these bands won’t be underground for long. This is sure to be one of those “I saw them when” events. Passes can be purchased directly through the event Facebook page by going to Come witness something special happening right here in the Bay Area. Bowling, beers, bands—what a weekend!


3-day PASS: $30

Friday PASS: $10

Saturday PASS: $15

Sunday PASS: $12

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