Saturday, August 17, 2019

Bandcamp Bonanza – 094

Hey two weeks in a row. I’m on a roll. Good thing is my backlog is so fat all I gotta do is go down the line. All quality all the time. 10 more to check on this week’s Bandcamp Bonanza.

The Yawpers – Human Question
Human Question begs the question why aren’t you listening to The Yawpers? For those that answered who are the Yawpers? Well they’re the baddest ass punk rock band this side of the Mississipp. Doesn’t matter what side, the 3-piece assault is ringing with trippy garage atmosphere and throbbing with catchy rhythm and meaningful lyrics. The Yawpers may have dialed back a hair on the raucous but the songs remain heavy, heartfelt, and infectious

High Mountain – High Mountain EP
High Mountain peers across the starlit sky with paralyzing groove, haunting keys, and wicked riffs. The vocals have that kind of dirge I love. Smooth yet grizzled. It's like Youngblood Supercult with a Danzig tone in the vocals. This shit rocks!

A Borrowing Kid Generation – Valley of the Skulls
I don’t always fall for instrumental music, but when I do.......

You know the drill. Check this hard driving, groovy shit out.

Redscale – Feed Them to the Lions
Continuing on the path of metallic righteousness, Redscale have unleashed a beast of hairy riffs mauling with melodic tempo, heartthrob vocal tones, and clawing with massive hook. These Germans have eclipsed the Country’s knack for infectious hard rock swagger with another example of the signature German roar.

ZQKMGDZ - 10.000 km² gegen die Zeit – Absolutely Z
Just when you thought you’ve had enough interstellar space doom, ZQKMGDZ pull you back to earth thrusting you deep beneath the surface of sanity, slathering us with its scaled rhythm and psychotic groove. Absolutely Z maintains the bands signature swagger, complete with oceanic volume and hallucinative buzz. Take a deep breath as this one drowns deep within the heavy underworld of space metal thrashing with equal parts aural terror and exquisite psych.

The Electric Mud – Burn The Ships
Dirty, grizzed up blues rocking with a heavy southern accent and a hard soulful vocal. Yeah, these vocals bring it on home and don’t forget that bass. Wow what a intense bass line.

Stripper in Love – I Am What I’m Becoming
That fuzz tone is so rich that if we taxed it we’d have enough to solve world hunger. This album is all over the map in the most epic way possible. A continuous evolution of progressive stoner meets melodic noise rock. Crushing in every sense.

Gin Lady – Tall Sun Crooked Moon
Gin Lady continue on their progression towards yesteryear with another stunning output of harmonious groove. The comparisons are present including the Allman Bros, Neil Young, Roy Orbison and a faint ring of Wildflowers era Tom Petty. The band have proven their worthiness next to the noted comparisons on an immaculate 5 album run only getting better with each. I can say in confidence that Gin Lady are one of the most impressive rock bands I’ve heard in the last 20 years based on consistency and quality.Favorite track: Into The Wasteland.

Djiin – The Freak
The Freak lives up to its name with mildly jazzy, aurally erotic and eerily psychedelic spin of molton doom meets progressive blues.

Sight – Heroica
There’s about as much cool shit going on here musically as the cover art has visually. Progressive, melodic, heavy and ethereal in presentation. Don’t lose sight of this band.

-The Huntsman

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