Wednesday, July 31, 2019

The Xroadie Files

Mike Campese – The Fire Within
Mike Campese – Guitar/Bass/Vocals, Patrick Johansson - Drums

The Fire Within shredding neoclassical guitar that just pierces your soul with amazing musicianship and shredding leads. All Alone melodic guitar with a Spanish classical feel just close your eyes and let the music flow thru you as it builds with some scorching leads to a crescendo and some excellent vocals full of emotion.

Paul Maged – Fight To The Death
Paul Maged – Keyboards/Piano/Bass/Beat Box/ Vocals, John Polimeni – Guitar, Ari Fiedman – Guitar/ Bass, Marc Hoffman – Drums

Fight To The Death emotional guitars grab at you then a catchy riff and pounding beat stand up and rock out.  Illusions Go By close your eyes and just let your imagination flow. Life Goes By catchy rhythms that will have you up and grooving along sing and just enjoy. Nightstalker spoken words crunchy riffs solid beats and a song that will just have you singing along. Off In The Distance melodic piano and emotional vocals just let it envelop your senses. The Resistance solid beats crunchy riffs thumping bass and emotional vocals.

Wild Planes – Singin 'N' Slingin
Kris Carmello – Vocals/Guitar, Andre Jevnik – Drums/Vocals, Jimmy Ray Hoag – Bass/Vocals

Drunk just grab a few brews kick back with friends and enjoy the music to some funky rock. I’m Back has a country flavor with plenty of emotions as it slides towards the hard rock sound. Money just stand up and groove along as the music envelops your very soul. The Hunter will just have you up and dancing along to a catchy beat. We Don’t Know This has a reggae feel that just slides along.  

Hell's Addiction – V1.0
Bren Sargent – Vocals. Liam Sargent – Guitar, Dan Weir – Guitar, Jason Green – Bass, Luke Morely – Drums

Free Your Mind scorching leads pounding beats thumping bass fist pumping riffs and soaring vocals just get up and head bang away. Masking the Pain with have the entire crowd swaying and singing along to one heavy catchy riff. If Time Stood Still melodies flow and envelop you with some searing leads and slow rhythms and heartfelt vocals. Running Away a catchy guitar riffs a stand up and fist pump rhythm that just takes you over and won’t let go.

Vigilance – Enter The Endless Abyss
Gillian – Guitar/Vocals, Tine – Drums, Anej – Guitar, Andrej – Bass

Blood And Black Lace a slow pounding rhythm searing leads and thumping bass will have the crowd rise in unison and just be totally enveloped in the music as the tempo speeds up. The Return Of The Savage has a very catchy bass riff and drum with crunchy guitars with scorching leads and gruff vocals. Dvoglava Kaca  slow melodic gothic music surrounds you then kicks into over drive and just has you slamming in the pit. The Gunslinger fast heavy fist pumping head banging metal mayhem. Night Raid rolling drums thundering bass crunchy guitars with screaming leads and rough vocals that have lots of aggression. Knights Of Valor has a very Thin Lizzy Iron Maiden duel leads harmony that just grabs you and won’t let go get ready to rock. Stormblade fast heavy fist pumping speed metal. Crni Kolovrat over 7 minutes of excellent fast heavy melodic metal madness.


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