Wednesday, July 10, 2019

The Xroadie Files

The Shrine – Cruel World
Josh Landau – Guitar/Vocals, Courtland Murphy – Bass, Jeff Murray – Drums

Cruel World a very catchy riff that pulls you in with pounding drums thumping bass and powerful vocals mixed in. Dance On A Razors Edge crunchy chugging riff that make you get up and fist pump along. The Taste Of Blood a punkish flavor with metal overtones just enjoy the ride. She Is Never Satisfied is a great hop in your car hit the road and jam away tune.

Mos Generator – Night Of The Lords
Sean Booth – Bass, Tony Reed – Vocals/Guitars/Other Instruments, Jono Garrett – Drums

Strangest Times just get up and groove along with some excellent stoner rock rhythms that just flow thru you and all around. Lonley One Kenobi close your eyes and just drift along as you fist pump and sway to the groove. Shadowlands crunchy riff pounding drums thumping bass and gruff vocals just hop on for a great ride. Easy Evil slow and very moody guitars with a solid as a rock drum beat and thumping bass. There’s No Return From Nowhere is a very eerie stoner rock tune that just takes you away in your mind. The Dance of Maya / Red has a very catchy rhythm that just flow all around and thru you as it takes you over. Breaker is more of an upbeat riff that will have you on your feet rocking out with some shredding leads. On The Eve groove and sway along as the music envelops you. Catspaw is faster with a great riff that will have the air guitars out along with some excellent bass and drum work. Step Up / Jam slow and moody riffs just envelop and flow thru you then the music picks up with some searing leads. Electric Mountain Majesty just sway and groove along as the music takes over your very soul.

Satan Takes A Holiday – A New Sensation
Fred Burman – Guitar/Vocals, Johannes Lindsjoo – Bass, Danne McKenzie – Drums

A New Sensation feedback crunchy riffs that just take you over get up sing and sway along. Unicorn has a very interesting riff and vocals that will make you wonder wtf as it pulls you along. Set Me On Fire has a very catchy riff that will have the crowd up and grooving along as they sing out. Hell Is Here has a rockabilly punkish feel that just rock and rolls. Sessions And Cash stand up groove and sing along to a catchy tune. Pilot has more of a dance beat and crunchy guitars added in just tap your foot along. Girls sway and get into the crunchy groove that will just take you over. I Believe What I See (If I See in My Feed) punkish metal with some interesting influences. Kingslayer slow bluesy heavy music that just flows thru your very senses. Blow great vocals crunchy riffs pounding rhythms with a punk flavor.

Per Wiberg – Head Without Eyes
Per Wiberg – All Instruments/Vocals

Let The Water Take Me Home swirling keyboards and melodic vocals just pierce thru your very essence. Anywhere The Blood Flows psychedelic space rock grabs you and pulls you into the stratosphere. Pass On The Fear close your eyes and just trip along with the strange sensations. Get Your Boots On eerie music flows thru and around as it pulls you into your imagination. Pile of Nothing swirling sounds spoken words and eerie emotions. Fader over 10 minutes of strange psychedelic sounds and emotions flow thru you as they pull you into your very imagination.

Plastic – Drink Sensibly
Matt, Elliot, Dan, Sam

Munchies punkish mew wave beats rhythms and vocals just bounce along. Love Sick strumming rhythms punkish vocals and solid beats just sing along and enjoy. Spit has a heavier riff that still take you back to the days of punk rock madness.


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